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    Tony La Russa is Not Working in Chicago

    Pretty much on queue for the 2021 White Sox season, Tony La Russa has once again made the story about himself.  Ever since being hired (controversially, depending on who you ask) back in the fall, La Russa has seemingly been walking a tight rope between being a tactical upgrade, yet having the question of whether […] More

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    The White Sox Hire Tony La Russa: Thoughts

    After a few speaks of speculation, dread, hope, and every other emotion imaginable, the White Sox did the (originally) unthinkable and certainly improbable Thursday afternoon.  17 days after firing Ricky Renteria, the White Sox had their pick for the next manager.  It wasn’t AJ Hinch, it wasn’t Alex Cora, it wasn’t Bruce Bochy, or AJ […] More