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    Nick Foles: Master Troll?

    So by now, the whole city of Chicago is prepared to follow the QB battle throughout camp between Mitchell Trubisky and newcomer Nick Foles. From where I stand, this is kind of like a civil war amongst Bears fans. Either you are ride or die with Mitchell or you have given up and are just […] More

  • Foles and Trubisky
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    Who should start at QB for the Chicago Bears?

    There won’t be a more interesting quarterback competition in the NFL for the 2020 season than the Chicago Bears. Around this time last year, Mitchell Trubisky being the franchise QB for years to come was the consensus around the organization, the league, and the fans. That has taught us one thing, a lot can change […] More

  • Bears 2020 Tight Ends
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    The 2020 Chicago Bears Tight End Situation

    Ryan Pace is having a rough time trying to regain the trust of Bears fans. There always seems to be something to complain about. Now that the draft is officially over, fans are resorting to the confusing tight end situation brewing in Chicago. Not only is it partly last year’s tight end production that still […] More

  • Was Mitch Trubisky Robbed of a Heisman?
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    Was Mitch Trubisky Robbed Of A Heisman Trophy?

    This is the question that haunts every serious Bears fan as they try to fall asleep at night. Tossing and turning, searching for answers. Was Mitchell Trubisky, one of the most polarizing figures in Chicago sports history, denied a shot at winning a Heisman trophy?   It may not have been outright robbery, as Mitch […] More