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  • USFL Return 2022
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    USFL Eyes A Return Backed By Fox In 2022

    With Brian Woods announcing the USFL’s plan to return in the spring of 2022 it will mark the league’s second attempt at satisfying America’s appetite for football during a period typically devoid of our nation’s most popular sport.  Woods, the man responsible for launching “The Spring League” back in 2016, an eight team league which […] More

  • Seahawks Defense Jamal Adams
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    Week 8 Seahawks Round-Up: Defensive Help Is Coming

    If there was ever an indication the Seahawks required help defensively, it was Sunday night.  The Seahawks defense has struggled to sustain leads all season.  It took a goal line stand as time expired to beat Cam Newton and the Patriots in a week 2 shootout after Cam drove his team 80 yards downfield with […] More

  • Seattle Seahawks 2020 Predictions
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    Stop Sleeping On The 2020 Seattle Seahawks (Again!)

    Russell and Co.: As long as you have Russell Wilson under center heading into the season, it is reasonable to have high expectations for your franchise.  At age 31 Wilson has proven himself to be one of the league’s elite quarterbacks, despite seemingly being overlooked by many so called experts throughout a great portion of […] More

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    LeBron James Is The 2nd Greatest Player Of All Time

    With the start of the NBA regular season right around the corner, excitement surrounding the new look Los Angeles Lakers has continued to grow. Since LeBron made his highly anticipated announcement that he would indeed be taking his talents out West after much speculation he would do so, predictions have been thrown around left and […] More

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    The Empty Emerald City

    Seattle, the Emerald City, resides along the coasts of Puget Sound watched over by the snow-capped peaks of the famous Mt. Rainier.  Long considered one of the most beautiful places to live in the United States, the population has continued to steadily climb since hosting the World’s Fair in 1962.  However, within the past ten […] More