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    How To Virtually Sit Courtside At The NBA Bubble Games

    The NBA kicked off its bubble season on Thursday in arenas filled with “virtuals fans”, and if you’re anything like me, you wondered how these people were selected to participate in such a luxury. Well, after some minimal internet research, I discovered that gatekeepers of this privilege are none other than the marathon running beer […] More

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    NBA Players Are Sharing Some Incredibly Dumb Things From The Bubble

    The NBA has now been inside the bubble for a few weeks now, and it seems as though they have too much time on their hands. Dame Lillard & Terence have been sharing debunked COVID conspiracy theories, and Chris Boucher was even convinced by a post by that McDonald’s is serving human meat. Dame’s […] More

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    NBA Roster Moves You Probably Forgot About

    The date is June 26th, daily COVID cases are rising day after day in Florida, and the state has reversed course in its reopening plan. All the while,as of today the NBA is still pushing forward with their bubble season, and some epidemiologists have made the argument that players and coaches will be safer in […] More

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    The Best Rules In The NBA’s Return Plan Handbook

    The NBA has released their 113 page plan, and it is extensive. The rules range from testing protocols to how they should play cards. These were my favorite guidelines stipulated in the safety handbook: No caddies in golf. As a former caddie myself, I mourn the loss of high paying loops for these fine gentlemen. […] More

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    How The NBA Can Give Fair Home-Court Advantage in Orlando

    The stage is set for the remainder of the NBA season, starting July 31st we will be getting nonstop basketball from the 22 teams that are either a) in the playoffs or b) within 4 games of a playoff spot. All these games will be played in beautiful Orlando, the city that known anti-semite, Walt […] More

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    The Bulls Old Guard Continues to Cling to Their Ways With Jim Boylen

    On ESPN 1000’s Kap and Company Show, @ramonashelburne said that she interviewed Chicago Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf towards the end of the Last Dance documentary and said he "was pretty adamant that he wants them (front office) to give Jim Boylen a chance. To take him seriously." — Daniel Greenberg (@ChiSportUpdates) May 28, 2020 Remind […] More

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    Every Lie Told in The Last Dance

    Michael not partaking in illicit drugs as a rookie “They open up the door. I walk in and practically the whole team was in there. And it was, like, things I’ve never seen in my life as a young kid. You got your lines over here, your weed smokers over here, you’ve got your women […] More

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    The Last Dance Episodes 5 & 6 Takeaways

    We started this week’s episodes being confronted with the loss of Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan’s dear friend and protege. Seeing all the NBA legends at that 1998 All Star Game treating him like the young up-and-comer that he was, knowing that they are all still here, while Kobe has left us, is truly unfair. “What […] More

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    The Last Dance Episodes 3 & 4 Takeaways

    The Last Dance is a 10 hour documentary, and somehow there are still so many stories being told that don’t even seem to scratch the surface. Dennis Rodman, Phil Jackson, Doug Collins, and hell even the Sniff Brothers, actually especially the Sniff Brothers, have more to their stories that I felt myself missing out on. […] More

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    The Last Dance Week 1 Takeaways

    After finishing the first slate of episodes of The Last Dance, I sat in front of my TV with two thoughts; one, I did not realize how much I missed live tweeting sports, and two, I am starting to understand how No Tippin’ Pippen came to be. Opening up episode one by diving into the relationship […] More

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