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  • Ranking Ryan Pace’s Mistakes
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    Ranking Ryan Pace’s Mistakes

    As another season of Bears disappointment comes to end, one cannot help but wish for wholesale change at the top. The spectrum of change ranges from simply firing Matt Nagy to the full “scorched earth” of the entire coaching staff and front office. One thing is for certain. The Bears are not in this position […] More

  • Pierce Johnson
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    May’s Most Dominant Relief Pitchers

    After some minor delays and procrastination, May’s Shutdown Percentage calculations are complete. As a reminder Shutdown Percentage (SD%) measures the overall dominance of a reliever which differs from previous statistics which primarily use starting pitching metrics to value bullpen arms. April’s results can be found HERE While our top ten moved slightly, we saw major […] More

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    Grading Cubs Off-Season Acquisitions

    The Chicago Cubs’ offseason has been rather “splashless” for lack of a better term. The beginning of the Hoyer era is shrouded in uncertainty and an apparent lack of targeted direction for the future. Regardless, they have made some promising, albeit cost-effective, signings in the past few months. The following is my grade on the […] More

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    The Bears Should Bring Back Lovie Smith

    After a tumultuous year, Bears fans were treated to another rhetoric-filled press conference starring the kings of unwarranted optimism, Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy. As expected, we were left with a plethora of questions and very few straightforward answers. One thing was made very clear, however, that Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace will be back […] More

  • Wrigley Field
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    The Cubs Contending Window is Closed. What Now?

    The ancient practice of storytelling yields a natural void, only to filled by the imagination of the audience. As the heroes we grew to love reign victorious, we hardly imagine the inevitable regression that follows that final stanza. For North Side baseball fans that glory was achieved after a century of suffering and despair. What […] More

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    Who is the 3rd Best Player in the MLB?

    It is virtually indisputable that Mike Trout and Mookie Betts are the top two players in all of baseball. Currently, the gap between the two is de minimus at best and fluctuates by the day. The more interesting question, however, is the argument for the last member of the podium. Who is the 3rd best […] More

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    Who Should Cubs Fans Root For Now?

    In the history of baseball, no team has won two baseball games when only scoring 1 run. This streak unsurprisingly continued as the Cubs fell two straight to the self-proclaimed “Bottom Feeder” Miami Marlins. The Cubs’ offensive struggles followed them throughout the season and a best of 3 series was not going to change that. […] More

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    Shoeless Goat Podcast Season 2 Episode 8

    Nick and Pat are back in a big way. For the 2nd time this year, a Chicago pitcher has hurled a No-No! Pat continues to ride his White Sox high as the standings and potential playoff matchups are discussed. As always the LinkedIn player profile excites with a special guest mention of SGP legend, Jurassic […] More

  • Allen Robinson
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    SONT Realistic Chicago Bears Predictions

    It is hard to believe the NFL season starts this week considering NBA and NHL playoffs are still in full swing. Regardless, one cannot help but get excited for the NFL product with its seamless mixture of youthful offensive stars and seasoned defensive veterans. As a Chicago Bears fan, it is hard to know what […] More

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    Shoeless Goat Podcast Season 2 Episode 6

    Nick and Pat are back after another exciting week on the South Side. Pat basks in the glory of winning baseball, no-hitters, and potential playoff matchups. The August 31st trade deadline is discussed and both Linkedin profiles feature current Brewers… beer brewers that is…. Buckle up for another thrilling week in Chicago Stickball!   Follow […] More

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