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  • Russell Westbrook Trade Rumors
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    Russell Westbrook Wants Out of Houston After Just One Season

    This happened much faster than we all could’ve expected, but after one season, and a second-round exit in the playoffs, Russell Westbrook wants out of the Houston Rockets. The news arrives on the heels of a report from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Tim MacMahon that both Westbrook and James Harden share concerns about the future of the franchise. Both […] More

  • Seahawks Ken Norton Jr.
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    Fire Seahawks Defense Coordinator, Ken Norton Jr., Petition Has Circled Internet

    It seems like everyone who is a fan and/or associated with the Seahawks really want Ken Norton Jr., defensive coordinator, fired. It’s spread across the internet, and it has been non stop… The Seahawks are on pace to have statistically the worst defense of all-time, so I do understand the calling for his firing. Yet, […] More

  • Saints Embarrass Bucs
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    POD: Are The Saints The Favorite in the NFC?!

    The Steelers are still the only undefeated team in the NFL, but are they really the best team?! Chiefs and Saints might have something to say about that. With that said, George & Sami of That Being Said Pod are back for Episode 674 of That Being Said Podcast…  We talked a lot of football, football, and more football. […] More

  • Why Winter Sports Are Big

    Why Winter Sports are the Next Big Thing

    If there’s one thing we know, it’s that sports come in all shapes and sizes. There are team sports, individual sports, water sports, athletic sports, and a whole host besides. However, it looks like winter sports are quickly rising in popularity and due to become the next big thing, both for observers and casual participants. […] More

  • Teams That Need A Quarterback In 2020

    Every Teams Quarterback URGENCY Level in 2020 & Beyond

    Each and every team in the NFL is always in search of their franchise QBs. If you have one, it’s pretty amazing, if you don’t have your quarterback, it’s killer. Sami Jarjour (Twitter / Instagram) will break down weekly from Urgency Level 0 to Urgency Level 10 where every team stands on how badly they […] More

  • NFL Week 9 Preview
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    POD: Can The Jets Go 0-16 & Who Wins Bucs v. Saints?!

    We just surpassed the halfway point of the NFL season and we have a DEFEATED team in the Jets and an UNDEFEATED team in the Steelers! With that said, George & Sami of That Being Said Pod are back for Episode 672 of That Being Said Podcast…  We talked a lot of football, the 2nd half surprises, and can […] More

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    Ideas For Thrill Seekers

    You need a little excitement in your life, but going a little over the speed limit and crossing the road before the little man turns green has started to lose its luster. Instead, there must be something else you can find that will make you feel alive again. The good news is that there are […] More

  • 2020-21 NBA Season

    LETS. GO. December 22nd Marks The Start of the 2020-21 NBA Season!

    The NBA ended on October 11th of 2020, and we quickly will get our start on December 22nd of 2020 for a 72 game NBA season. What a blessing, but it could also be a curse? How? Well, this will strike an interesting conversation for the players that just finished off their long run at […] More

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