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  • Spread Option NFL Conference Championships
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    Spread Option NFL – Conference Championships

    Cooney’s lock popped while Nick’s flopped. Will the guys have a reversal in fortunes this week with the AFC and NFC Championships on the line? Check out the latest episode of Spread Option NFL to find out who they like!     More

  • Chicago Sports v. Houston Sports
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    At Least Chicago Isn’t Houston

    As a Chicago sports fan, it’s pretty tough sledding. The one exception, of course, are the White Sox, who actually have more than just a glimmer of hope. But if you identify with the Cubs, then there’s really not all that much going for you these days. The Cubs are diving headfirst into a rebuild […] More

  • Spread Option NFL Playoffs
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    Spread Option NFL Playoffs

    The Divisional round of the NFL Playoffs are upon us! Last week really put the “wild” in “wildcard” as both Nick and Cooney were left stumped. Will their luck improve this week? Check out the latest pod below to hear their picks! More

  • Bears Beat Saints
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    Spread Option NFL Super Wild Card Weekend

    There’s been ups, there’s been downs, but we got all the way through one of the more memorable seasons of NFL football! Nick and Cooney are joined by the one and only George Jarjour to kick off the playoffs. You’re not gonna want to miss these picks!     More

  • NFL Week 17 Bets
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    Spread Option NFL Week 17 – End of Regular Season

    All good things must come to an end…Or do they? In the case of the gravy train, Nick and Cooney are keeping the wheels turning and are squeezing every last bit of life out of the NFL season. Check out the latest episode of Spread Option NFL and stay tuned for even more playoff coverage! More

  • Spread Option NFL Week 15
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    Spread Option NFL Week 15

    Nick and Cooney both got molly whopped on their locks last week and it looks like all hope is lost… Or is it? The guys both have some genius-tier picks this week, check out the latest episode of Spread Option NFL to find out who they got!     More

  • Peyton Ramsey Northwestern
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    Northwestern Isn’t Just Chicago’s Big Ten Team

    2020 has been a year full of surprises. For the most part, those surprises have ranged from mild to extremely unpleasant. But through all of the suffering and sadness, there emerges a champion of hope. This beacon of optimism shines brightly from the western shores of Lake Michigan and says to the world, “I CAN […] More

  • Matt Nagy Bears Coaching
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    Enjoy The Bears While You Still Can

    Sitting at a quite dismal 5-7, it’s easier said than done to actually “enjoy” the Chicago Bears this year. Despite getting off to a very hot start, they’ve bumbled through the season since week 6, creating quarterback controversy out of thin air, playing hot potato with play calling duties, and  even now it’s starting to […] More

  • NFL Week 14 Bets
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    Spread Option NFL Week 14

    Nick and Cooney are back and they have more picks than the California gold rush. Are you ready to strike pay dirt or is your belly as yellow as the setting sun? Giddy up, partner, Spread Option NFL is back!     More

  • NFL Week 13 Bets
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    Spread Option NFL Week 13

    Locked, cocked, and ready to rock! Nick got absolutely humiliated with a weak Lock of the Week last week but Cooney brought the heat, yet again. Will he repeat or will he join Nick at the bottom of the scrap heap?? Check out our latest podcast to find out!   More

  • Spread Option NFL Podcast
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    Spread Option NFL Week 12

    Gobble gobble yall! That’s right, it’s the Thanksgiving episode of Spread Option NFL! Let’s get ready to stuff our faces full of bird meat, unbuckle our hats, and to empty your bookie’s cornucopia directly into your pocket. We got big match ups, intense divisional games, and even a few cheeky lines that Vegas may gifting […] More

  • NFL Week 11 Bets
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    Spread Option NFL Week 11

    Thursday Night Football returns with a major league NFC West matchup and so too does the Spread Option podcast! Cooney righted the ship last week with a masterful performance on locking Miami -1.5. Nick, however, got sloppy with with Green Bay -13 last week and Jake Luton made him pay dearly. Check out Spread Option […] More

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