It’s Time To Admit Minnesota Is A Cursed Sports City

The Athletic  put out a list of cities that have the longest sports droughts without a championship in the USA. And the criteria which I actually thought was a bit weird was they must have 4 sports teams. So sure if a city has 3 sports teams it doesn’t count; but whatever, it’s their list they can structure it out however they want to structure it. But that’s not the point. The point here is there is one city that is far and beyond with a drought longer than any on the list. And that’s Minneapolis/ St. Paul.

Pretty insane. Look at the numbers on the list sure you got Phoenix (home of this company) not having won a championship since 2001 but other than that you got teams winning pretty often. Then you got New York city who has 8 teams which is insane they haven’t won anything. But the Minny area. C’mon now 32 years without a championship? That’s brutal. If you are a fan of that city you just hope something happens which is hard to see since the T’Wolves are far away, The Vikings are cursed and have no QB after Kirk Cousins tore his Achilles and the Twins we all know what they do in the playoffs. The Minnesota Wild? Well I’ll be frank, I know nothing about NHL hockey.

Good luck to all in Minnesota.

Written by @GeorgeONTap

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