Say What You Want But The NBA In-Season Tournament Is Going To Be A Big Hit

NBA fans I really hope are ready because the first ever group stage of the NBA tournament starts tonight and I know some people are going to try to be resistant and pretend that it sucks because that’s what American sports fans do when they see something foreign to them. Tournaments have been a staple in European sports forever and it gives fans something to look forward to, players something to play for and a trophy or cup of some sort. It’s fun and at the end of the day sports are fun. And it seems like the NBA is doing this in-season tournament idea in a great way including having teams do special courts for their games.

Pretty cool stuff. I think fans will get used to this really quick especially once the single elimination games to begin to come into play. Sure, there are some changes I would make in this tournament including just making it one single elimination tournament rather than the whole group play thing. But overall, I think this is going to be fun and a huge hit for the NBA.

Written by @GeorgeONTap

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