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I Asked AI To Predict Julio Rodriguez’s Stats For His Entire Seattle Mariners Career

Well, AI is off sometimes, sometimes it does a great job. @GeorgeONTap decided to ask Google’s AI, Bard, what Seattle Mariners young star Julio Rodriguez would accomplish in a career if he stayed on the Mariners.

The video stats is much different than the 2nd search we did. But the search we did was:

Stat Projection
Games played 2,100
At bats 8,000
Hits 2,500
Doubles 500
Triples 100
Home runs 500
Runs batted in 1,500
Runs scored 1,200
Stolen bases 400
Batting average .290
On-base percentage .380
Slugging percentage .550
OPS .930
Wins above replacement 75

These projections are based on Rodriguez’s performance in his rookie season, as well as the performance of other similar players. It is important to note that these are just projections, and Rodriguez’s actual career stats may be different.

Here are some of the factors that could affect Rodriguez’s career stats:

  • Health: Rodriguez has been relatively healthy in his career so far, but injuries can happen to any player. If Rodriguez stays healthy, he will have a better chance of achieving his full potential.
  • Teammates: Rodriguez’s teammates will also play a role in his career stats. If the Mariners are able to build a competitive team around Rodriguez, he will have more opportunities to succeed.
  • League trends: The league trends can also affect Rodriguez’s career stats. For example, if the league starts to favor hitters more, Rodriguez’s home run and RBI totals could increase.

Overall, Julio Rodriguez has the potential to be a very successful player. If he stays healthy and continues to develop, he could be a star in the Mariners lineup for years to come.

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