Seahawks Falcons Preview
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Seattle Seahawks v. Atlanta Falcons Preview

The Seattle Seahawks are 1-1 but not all hope is lost despite a horrid game vs. the 49ers, George & Sami, our two brother founders, were on ‘Sports ON Tap Seattle‘ to discuss whats going on in the Seahawks world.

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It’s your Friday morning edition of the sports on tap Seattle podcast. And it’s me, Sami and me, George. What’s going on, Sam. What’s happening. Thank you guys for stopping by today to check out our Seattle Seahawks preview. We’re gonna do a couple things. If you didn’t catch, we had a Mariners podcast a couple days ago, so make sure you check that out as well.

And, , you can find us everywhere. San Seattle, S O N T Seattle. , and you can find the podcast everywhere at, , sports on tap Seattle. And, , George, do you wanna tell ’em about our other podcast too? Yeah, of course. If you like all sports, go to the sports on tap podcast. That’s the sports on tap like this one, but without Seattle, you can see us on YouTube.

TikTok Instagram everywhere. And of course, podcasts on your favorite podcasting platform. So we do all NFL and all sports over there at the sports on tap and sports on tap. Thanks for tuning in today. We’re gonna have a quick one just in a talk quickly about some of the Richard Sherman KJ Wright comments.

, and then we’ll probably be done talking about Russell Wilson for the year, but it just, they, they keep bringing it up and then we’re gonna do a quick preview of the next game and wrap this up. But George, they keep bring. Russell Wilson. Honestly, I would’ve been done talking about Russell Wilson after week one, but former players.

Of the Seahawks, keep bringing them up. And there’s obviously a reason. Yeah. And I don’t know, look, some people are saying the members of the Legion of boom are being dramatic and one attention and things like that, which they probably do. Which they might, but you don’t see too much. Like it’s a super bowl winning quarterback.

I don’t have, I met Ryan left the Falcons out. We don’t have leaks out of Atlanta about their former MVP. We had a way better example, Tom Brady left Tom Brady. Yeah, Tom Brady. I was gonna get to him. Tom Brady left new England. , you’ve seen quarterbacks leave before and you don’t see this type of.

Comments from teammates and it’s very, , Aaron Rogers esque. He’s the only teammate that I feel like that that’s a quarterback that people go back and talk about in a negative light. , and that’s just weird because a lot, a lot of Seahawk fans, both of us included always, you know, compared Russ and Aaron Rogers, I guess that’s his like most natural rival, right?

because they’re both NFC quarterbacks. Met multiple times in the playoffs in regular season. And they don’t like each other and we always compare those two, but it seems like those are the only two that teammates end up talking about. And I would say Aaron Rogers, much less. I feel like Aaron Rogers is more of a Brandon Jenning’s thing or what was his name?

So Brandon Jennings, I think it was or something. Greg Jennings, sorry. Greg Jennings. Brandon Jennings was actually in Milwaukee as well in Wisconsin with the bucks, but that’s good point, Greg Jennings. It is Greg Jennings. They were they related Greg? No, probably not. But I think the Russell Wilson stuff is a little more unique than that because.

Aaron Rogers. I mean, like there’s also a lot of players that are like, I love him. I feel like outside of DK Metcalf Robert Turbin and Tyler Lockett. I don’t know if I’ve heard like much love of Russell Wilson or posts of him with teammates or whatever. Mm-hmm . You had guys like that never showed up back to Seattle, like Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin was on the field and cam chancellor and all these dudes like Michael Bennett.

And all of a sudden you were hearing on podcast about how like Pete care used to favor the guy and never hold him accountable. And Doug Baldwin posting the princess thing, you know, like after the princess cheerleader, after beating him, , it seems like there’s a weird grudge with this. There’s there’s one thing for sure.

And whether, you know, like we saw some offensive players attack him, whatever the defense there’s no one on the defense who seemed that liked him. That I, I, we haven’t seen one defensive guy on the. Step up really other than Bobby Wagner. But that was like, kind of like right before he left, but like, no, one’s really standing up to him for him right now.

That’s true. , even KJ Wright who I thought would on Richard Sherman’s podcast, this is kind of the, you know, the clip we were talking about too, is like, he was agreeing that like, oh, dude was never held accountable the same way that the rest of us were yada, yada, which is interesting. I do think it’s a kind of.

Frustration for them that they feel like they’re the reason the defense is the reason Russell Wilson has his super bowl ring. And the reason he got as good as he did, because he was able to kind of get groomed into a situation that had at the time, a good old line, a good running back and an even better defense.

Right. So, , and then since that defense started to go down a little bit, Russell Wilson play went down and the sea stopped winning so much. So I feel like they don’t, they feel like they’re not getting enough credit and, , It’s just odd. I don’t know. It’s like weird to see this much hate for, you know, a guy that, you know, is a good, like good dude, according to a lot of people and seems like a nice guy.

I know he can be corny, whatever, but like, it doesn’t seem like he’s like super hated off the field. It just seems like the sea defense guys are like, screw this dude. But I don’t think there’s enough blame on P carro because a lot of people keep saying P carro like treated him different. And it seems like the guys don’t care about that.

Yeah, it seems like, well, we can talk about that for a second, but I do want to say whether or not he’s hated, there’s one thing for sure. It doesn’t seem that he’s like universally loved by the defense for, by the defense actually. Yeah. It’s odd. I don’t know. I, I didn’t expect to be like, talking about all these, like Russell Wilson, things getting aired out, you know what I mean?

Like that was like kind of like the least of my expectations coming into. The season like, oh, here’s all these defensive guys basically talking crap about him. yeah, I didn’t ex well, I especially didn’t expect him now. Like I was like, okay, maybe, , Time or maybe over time, but especially like after week one, I was like, okay, this is done.

Like, you know, moving on, we have 16, like, alright, we’re approaching week three here. We’re still talking about Russ. Like I hope by week four. There’s no more talk about Russ. Like I I’m done. Like, I, I don’t. He’s not on our team anymore. The only thing is I’m rooting like heck against him, because we own the Broncos for on draft.

Yeah. And for once again, for those people, which I get on Twitter all the time, it’s like, what do you hate Russell? I didn’t say I hate him. All I’m saying is we have their draft pick. I want them to lose games. It’s pretty simple. If he plays great and they lose every fucking game, I’d be so happy if he plays bad and they lose every game.

I’m happy. As long as the team loses. I’m happy. So it’s like, we don’t hate him as a human being. So people need to get that outta their head. Like, Hey, your franchise Corps wants to bowl. Great. He wants super bowl. We know we like him. We appreciate it. He’s the best quarterback in our franchise. When they retire his Jersey, everyone’s gonna cheer for him and love him and care about him right now.

I totally agree. Yeah. Right now you don’t cheer for him because they have a pick that could be very beneficial for us. Like, I, I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for some people to understand. Because there’s emotion involved, right? I mean, there’s a guy, you, a lot of fans bought his Jersey. They put up his posters in their kids’ rooms.

They really watched him every Sunday for the last X amount of years really rooting for the guy. So it’s hard for a lot of people when they have an emotional attachment to someone to move off of that emotional attachment. You’re gonna have to yeah, you gotta so move on from Russell Wilson. I’m not saying root against him.

I’m saying root against no root root against the Broncos root against the Broncos. You don’t have to root against Russell Wilson root against the Broncos. This is the point, but there’s a pretty direct correlation between rooting Russell Wilson, doing bad in the Broncos, doing bad. At least for this year, we need to, we get their first round draft.

So kind. Kind of want him to do that. Yeah. But whatever, if he was MVP and then would own 17, I could care less me too, but I’m just saying there’s a high correlation with the quarterback being good and I understand being good. But once again, I don’t care how he plays. I literally could care less. I just want them to lose as many games as possible.

That’s all I care about. Just lose. I be honest, but when he’s struggling, you do feel a little better about him. Not like it’s funny. Funny. Yeah. It’s funny. Yeah. I’m just saying it’s funny. And you’re like, oh, okay. Did we make the right decision? Cause at the end of the day it goes, everything goes back to the Seahawks.

Right? Do you like when he’s playing bated and he makes feel better than like, oh, well maybe it was good that we trade. That’s how I look at it. At least I could see that. Yeah. To be honest, that’s a good point. But once again, just lose games. That’s all I care about. all right. Speaking of losing games, the Seahawks lost last week, and they’re about to play a team.

That’s lost both games in the Atlanta Falcons and George. Yep. This is gonna be a quick podcast today, by the way, people. That’s why we’re on minute 10. I know, but it’s only gonna be like 15, 20 minutes because . I, I don’t know what to say about even the Seahawk season until after this game. First of all, we’re playing the O and two Falcons at home.

, I read an article today that Vegas was, , what was it be funded or something was the word by this spread. They don’t know what to do. And they hope nobody bets on it because they don’t know which team’s worse. But right now the line is even I’m seeing a line of minus two on. It depends where you go.

But I mean, according to ESPN’s like, , where they pick the odds from its even all right. Let’s check the action network, because I think it’s minus two. , right now it opened that minus one, it opened up minus one and I saw be up to minus two and it could, I mean, dude, these lines change so quick in, in, , NFL that like it’s really hard sometimes to tell.

So the line at this exact moment and scroll to the Seahawk it’s minus. Now Atlanta is minus one. See I’m that’s not accurate though. because their isn’t I think on draftings right now Seahawks or no, you know, action network is the most accurate one. It’s this is a live, this is live and it’s moved and now it’s Seahawks minus a half a point like it’s moving up and down sea minus.

So it’s pretty much. Yeah. Yeah. So it is pretty much even. Wow. It’s moving around a lot. There’s no such thing as half a point anyways in football. So that would be like a pick em right there. Okay. So let’s just say it is a pick, em, which is, that means they think the Falcons are better because you automatically give minus three to the home team, right?

Like, especially in Seattle, , the, the matchup predictor on ESPN even has 51.1%. Towards the Falcons and 48.3% towards the sea. A I’ll just add a couple stats that both these teams, , defensively been fucking awful. The, and I know the sea have a good red Zoie, but sea a are averaging 408 yards allowed per game.

Falcons are averaging 378. , but this is where it gets kinda scary. The Falcon’s total yards offensively 351 on average between their first two games in the sea 250 yards on offense. So we are at 252 yards, , total yards, a game and a 408 allowed. Okay. So, I don’t know what’s gonna happen. Well, I’ll just tell you this.

Let’s look at the betting public. The betting public 61% is on the Falcons, 39 on the Seahawks. And I’m I’m I’m I sometimes I think the public, , loses. So I, I, I actually feel confident about this game. I would, if I was to bet on this, I’m betting Seahawks and I’m probably going to bet on the Seahawk this week.

I don’t like the Falcons team. That’s probably why. Yeah. And they Mariotta Mariot and G Smith a wash. Let’s just say that. And it’s at home and the defenses are probably a wash and we probably have a better red zone defense. And like you just said, it’s at home. I would be shocked if the, or I was gonna say the Marin, if the Seahawks really could be Russell Wilson in the Broncos, and I know it’s an emotional win, but you still have to have some competency as a football team to beat the Broncos.

Right. Like if they can’t beat the Falcons at home, We are about to get into some dark hours. I was thinking about this. Like I tweeted this out too. I think something about it just, we’re gonna find out everything in these next two games. Cause yeah, if you can’t beat the Falcons at home, you’re not beating Detroit on the road.

Yeah. And then all of a sudden you’re a one and three team and you know, you’re really, really bad if you beat the Falcons. You’re saying, okay, man, we’re not at, we’re probably not at. Texans Falcons bears level. Even if you lose to the lions, even if you lose to lions and you beat the Falcons, you’re two and two, you know, through four games, you and you’re tune division lead.

Probably at that point, you’re feeling still pretty good through four weeks. , I think you’re right. I actually think this game. This is it. This that’s what I mean is gonna, yeah, more the next two weeks. Tell us before, keep going. That my point was these two weeks will tell you everything that does my point on that was though, like I said, if you lose to the Falcons, that’s why I started with that.

If you lose to the Falcons, it’s over, like that means you are the bottom, the bottom tier your teams, because you’re not gonna beat Detroit. That’s why I was saying if, but if you beat the Falcons, you’re gonna also learn a lot from the sea in Detroit, because that’s a winnable game. If you’re a team that can beat Denver and Atlanta.

Detroit would be a winnable game. I’m not saying they would win just because they’d beat Atlanta, but it’d be winnable. But if you lose to Atlanta at home, I think that tells you, okay, you might lose 14 games. right. And I just, I just don’t think that’s gonna happen. I I’m fully confident that we’d be not fully confident.

I am confident that this team is going to beat the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. And we’re gonna be looking at a two in one record. And that feels a lot better than one. And. I actually believe it too. And I think, , what’s his name? Pete Carroll came out and did say from what he’s seen from genome so far, maybe we should be a little more comfortable letting it loose.

Right? Mm-hmm . We’ve heard that one before. Yeah. Let, let Geno cook, I guess. Fuck. But I mean, at the end of the day, Geno Smith. Yeah. He’s, he’s been throwing a lot of dump passes and I don’t, I do not take anything from his 80% completion. He’s the first quarterback in history of NFL to have three straight 80% completion.

Well, to me, that’s a negative, you know why? Because that means he’s not taking any risks and he’s throwing the ball two yards, but. I will say, you know, you can trust them. You can give ’em a little more opportunity. Right, right. With those numbers, you can give ’em a little more chance to throw the ball, make the offense, get moving because the lack of 58 throws in two weeks, you know what that’s caused George that caused are like 30 yards of rushing last week, right?

Yeah. because they’re packing the box and stuff. And in general we have to rush. We have to open up the offense. If we, if we want to win. Playing is civil. But then again, I also don’t know like last week, I know it was a bad game, but I don’t know what the, , I don’t know what the game plan was, especially because we were planning for trail Lance and I really think it hurt us that Jimmy Garo was a quarterback.

He’s better than trail Lance and that it really didn’t help. Yeah. That, that doesn’t do any excuse for the offense. Not scoring any points, but I’m just saying it might have changed the game plan on the fly. Maybe the game plan was like, Hey, we don’t really need to score many points today. We’re gonna run the ball.

We’re gonna control the game. We’re gonna make trail lands, beat us. And then Trey, Lance, wasn’t there to beat us. Yeah. And it might have worked. It really did. because in that first quarter of Trey, Lance, you immediately saw his limitations. Absolutely. So let’s, we’ll see what happens. Mark Mariota has limitations too, but he is not as bad as Trey Lance.

So let’s also take that into account, right. And it’s not, not a shot at Trey, Lance. Like, I feel really bad what happened to him, but he is also a second year player. Mariota is not great, but he can, he’s won some football games. Yeah. He’s won some playoff games too. Yeah. He’s not like awful. He’s just not good.

He’s not awful. It’s gonna be interesting, man. I don’t know. I hope the crowd comes out hot and that’s another thing, like, you know, a win, like this is important to keep people on the stands this year. If you lose to the Falcons at home, all of a sudden some fans are like, all right, I’m not spending 200.

This year. Yeah, no, I, I agree with you there and I totally agree with you. Not real fans. Okay. That’s fine. But that’s not, that’s what happens, that’s it, honestly, that’s just the reality sometimes. I mean this whole, you know how much I hate that? Are you a real fan? Like shut the, like don’t tell me what a real fan is and what the real fan’s not.

Yep. That’s that’s the truth. Yeah, but if I, if I paint my face, am I now a real. No, you gotta support the team. Well, I mean, if you paint your face, it’s fine. I feel like sports would not be the same without no, it’s totally fine. If, no, I love that the people hat or torch. No, no, I’m not, but I’m just saying like, does that make you a real fan?

I, no, but does it help the team? Sure. Like, I’m just saying, I don’t like the whole, is this a real fan or not thing? I feel you, , That’s true. And you can, you can be negative as a real fan too. Like when things aren’t going well, that’s another thing. Oh yeah, that that’s actually, I think a very important thing is to hold your teams accountable when things are going bad.

Cause I’ll tell you, you don’t want, if, if you don’t like negative negativity, do not come on this podcast. Sunday night if we lose to the Falcons. Oh, even, Hey, I’ve been like this year been so optimistic with the Seahawks this year. Usually I’m not, if they lose Sunday, I have forgotten all optimism. I, I agree.

And George, I’m gonna clip this. I’m gonna clip this. Heres. Mm. You don’t wanna see us. If the Seahawks lose to the Falcons, you don’t, you don’t wanna hear what we have to say, because that’ll be, that’d be some dreadful territories. No, I totally agree. There. You do not wanna see us. Don’t see me in the streets.

I’ll be pissed. I’ll be pissed, but they’re gonna win. They’re gonna beat the Falcons. Despite all the negativity we spoke, they probably should beat the Falcons. I, I agree there, man. If we don’t beat the Falcons vote, watch out, stay off the streets. because Sami, I, I, you don’t wanna, you don’t know what, you don’t know what I’m gonna do on those streets?

No, you don’t know. Probably not. You probably just have a beer at home, but still you don’t wanna see. That’s true. I’ll probably get drunk at home in despair. That’s what, same here. You don’t wanna Falcons lost. I will be hammered. You do not wanna be a bottle of whiskey if the sea Falcons. That’s a fact because I, that bottle will be destroyed in multiple ways.

Empty and shattered. Okay. I just now know what those multiple ways are, but that was the multiple ways. There’s nothing. You have a, you have a bad mind. My friend, that’s a very mind. I just dunno what you’re gonna do with the why. I’m sorry to anybody listening much love. We’ll be back as always Sunday night after the game, after the sea.

Hopefully, or as they say in Arabic, George in Shala Habibi, just to teach you guys in Arabic, I was gonna say it a little nicer for the people to hear. So you don’t destroy their earbuds in Shala if God’s willing, that’s in Arabic. So go say that to one of your Arabic friends, if you know any yeah. And if in Cala, that’s what we’re doing for the rest of us.

They should see Oxman in Cala. And if, when they win honah honah. Thanks, Scott. Thank God. Thank thank God. Teaching guys on the podcast. We’re Jack of all trades, much love. Thanks for listening to the sports on tap Seattle podcast. We told you where to find everything. So this is the end of the pod. And I wanna tell you guys one thing, but I’m gonna let George say it.

You know what guys, I just wanna thank you so much. So, so much from the bottom of my heart for stopping by. I don’t like that. You didn’t say my full phrase though. Thanks for stopping by you added too many fillers, too many fillers. All right. Peace. Have fun guys. Have a great weekend. Can I get.

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