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Cy Young’s MLB Complete Games Record: Did This Really Happen?

Cy Young is the all-time leader in complete games with 749 and the only player to complete more than 700 games. Pud Galvin is second all-time with 646 career complete games and the only other player to complete more than 600 games.

Say 749 complete games. That means you have to throw 30 complete games. 25 straight seasons. Yeah. What year was that? Dude? I don’t know. What year do I look? Born 1867. I don’t know if these stats are real. That’s the one thing I’m going always say.

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Did This Really Happen?

There’s , it’s somebody wrote it, but I , I mean, I believe in the Bible, but , I’m just saying in general, it’s somebody wrote it long time ago. Okay. Can I tell you about his 1892? Sure. I genuinely the last thing I’m interested in these fake stats, but okay. All right. Now, now, literally this is hilarious.

Okay. So in 1892, at the age of 25 Cy young for Cleveland, I don’t know what the team name was back then, but Cleveland, he started 53 games. He, the. The Cleveland naps really? Is that really their name? Well, what year? 1892. No, at that time they were the Cleveland spiders. Okay. The Cleveland for the Cleveland spiders.

Why they should have gone back to the Cleveland spiders now. So the guardians, okay. This is maybe had been his, this is probably his best season. He was 25 years old, Cy young, went 36 and 12 with a 1.93 era. He started 53 games and he went 48 games complete. So, , he threw, , 483 endings. So that was that delete it, but that’s fine.

I also don’t believe a Ruth so runs or how far they went. Or the fucking fences were 50 feet away and they just know there’s no recollection. Honestly, think Sami’s whole entire purpose of life should be to go find out if these old baseball stats were real. There’s no actual way to find out that’s the problem.

The one that says. But at a tiger stadium in 1904, the babe Ruth hit a home runs 652 feet. Really, if Aaron judge can’t hit it or very bonds and hit it 600, you think fat old man, babe Ruth hit it 600 feet. I have no idea, but I do know that. What to you, what do you think? I mean, I think it’s quite possibly exaggerate.

Yeah, it is exaggerated. Yeah. For ex just the one last thing, , Cy young through 7,356 ins. I also don’t believe that or I do its just the town suck. , you know what I mean? It reminds me of basketball, people, Bill Russell winning, no foul rest in peace, but . Yeah. His 11 championships, , okay, well there’s five teams in the NBA.

Yeah. Those last thing I’m gonna say about this. Cause I don’t think they, this is the fourth time that you said the last thing I’m gonna say. Cause I’m, I’m just you. No, no. I, at some point just say things, you know, the last, I’m say the last thing I say, cuz this is not something at six that’s we need to, to talk about anymore.

Since he threw 73, 7,356 ending. We’re saying at minimum, right? At per ending, you have to throw, let’s say nine, nine pitches. That’s the least amount you can throw. Right? Te you can probably throw more, less if it’s three straight ground outs, but let’s say he threw at least nine, which he didn’t, he threw more.

That means he threw 65,000 pitches in his career. That is definitely not. I don’t know. Does it say online how many pitches he saw? No, but I’m saying, he says he threw 7,300 innings. How many pitches did Zion throw in his career? Yeah, I mean, let’s see. I mean, I don’t know if they keep kept stats of that. , , let’s see, young totaled three, no hitters.

He threw a perfect game. He hold direction for most career innings pitch, which was 7,000, whatever, 815 and wait. So he pitched 815 games and 749 of ’em were complete. Yeah. 749 were complete game. How I I’m just trying to and people say he was throwing. 94 to 95 miles per hour back then they’re saying, okay, they didn’t have a radar gun is what they said.

, this is the total definition. You know what they say of his fastest record pitch in actual official game clocked in at 96.89. That’s pretty impressive. In the night in the late 18 hundreds. what man, that’s fucking nuts. Cy young must have been a talent time. I don’t know you, when you look up his pictures, he does not.

He looks babe Ruth. It’s a fat white dude. That’s just having beers and playing some baseball. No, I how you said that you, he pitched 800 games and he had 749 complete. Yes, sir. It seems, seems a little , yeah. , yeah. It’s the baseball hall of fame. Yes. That is what happened.

Yes. read the sign on the wall. That’s what it says. That’s what it said. Yeah. Yeah. That’s, that’s what they. Thanks. and Moses is part Moses part of this season. Yeah. I’m telling you, it’s the Bible. Baseball’s the Bible it’s , this is what happened. If you choose to believe it good for you.

If you don’t good for you for questioning same thing. And you know, I’m a Christian man, whatever. , I can still say, if you believe the Bible, it’s just , if somebody wrote it it’s same as baseball stats, right? He hit a 600 foot home run and you’re okay. I, I can choose to believe this and have it be part of my journey.

Or I can question it and question, you know, reality. Yeah. But there’s a reason they call it the Cy young award. They, you can’t change it. If a guy threw 750, if he did, if is the keyword well,

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