3 Kings 3 Stooges of NFL QBs

3 Kings 3 Stooges of NFL QBs

NFL Week 2 was another great one as always, George & Sami, our two brother founders, were on ‘the Sports ON Tap Podcast‘ to discuss their 3 Kings and 3 Stooges of the NFL Weekend.

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Transcript of the Sports ON Tap Podcast Episode:

We did it. It’s week two NFL and it’s complete, and we’re about to get into our, , one minute warnings. We call it one minute on each game. And before we get started though, as always I’m Sami and I’m George, and if you’re watching the video portion of his podcast, Sami made a new video thing today.

Didn’t tell me how sick it was you guys saw it for the first time and it’s sick. So round of applause for Sami and that’s, if you’re watching on Spotify technically, right? Cause otherwise if you’re on apple, you don’t see it. This is on video on Spotify. Yeah. And it’s free on Spotify. You don’t need premium or whatever.

So just go to Spotify, if you wanna watch it on video too. And video thing, what he means by that is an intro video. So intro, video. All right. You probably know our voices by now. I’m Sami. He’s George and we are the best two brothers in sports.

We’ll start off before we do our 3 Kings 3 Stooges of the NFL week. We’re gonna do our one minute warning one minute on each game and let’s get it. Rolling. George, what are we starting with? All right. We’re started with last week’s Thursday night football matchup Chargers at Chiefs. First and foremost, I’m gonna put on a one minute timer.

One Minute Warning of Week 1:

So we know how these one minute are going and now we can get it rolling. Herbert & Mahomes might be the two best quarterbacks in the NFL right now. This is a matchup that’s gonna be interesting to watch year after year. I take nothing away from it though, like in terms of. Like what it means for the rest of the season.

I just know that these two teams are sick and the quarterbacks are sick. yeah. The only thing is Justin Herbert got hurt. I don’t know how bad that’s gonna affect him. The rest of his season. He played through it at the end of the game. He made some like huge plays. But I agree with you complete, I don’t know what this means in the, like the grand scheme of things.

Other maybe if they’re tied home field advantage in winning the division, other in, by like in general, both teams. Yeah, and I just, I forgot about the Herbert getting hurt part. So just to add to that is he barely could walk on like to a first down or they threw a bomb. So we’ll see what happens.

Hopefully he is healthy and hopefully stays healthy throughout the year. Because he is special to watch. And that’s one minute. We’re gonna go next. I got that. Okay. Oh, you got this one. All right. Had a good intro for this. You wanna just do ’em all. Yeah, that’s what we did last time. So I thought I know, but that’s not, I realized that’s not fun because then you don’t get to ever speak for, so let’s just keep it.

Let’s keep it natural here. I like that at Cleveland Jets 31-30 and it was weird. And I’ll let you do your little, whatever you wanted to say about it. I was gonna say surprising the most entertaining game of a day that jets versus. Who would’ve thought that game would’ve been that entertaining where they, onside kick.

I think they, at one point they said, this is the only, the third time in history. A team was down by 13 points of under two minutes left and won the game in regulation or some. Crazy thing like that. The score was 17 to 30 with what? Two minutes and one minute and 55 seconds left. I don’t think it’s the most entertaining game of the day.

Because I don’t think you thought I didn’t even know they were still in the game. So for me, the game’s pretty shitty actually Cleveland was up by two touch. I think it’s the third, most entertaining game. Because it was Joe Flacco versus Jacoby Brissett. I would’ve taken the Arizona Vegas game over that.

Oh, that Baltimore Miami game, which is even crazier of a comeback, I believe, but it is interesting. Joe Flacco is now third in the NFL in passing yard. So that, that’s nuts. That’s crazy. All right. So this is me now, commanders at the cardiac cat Alliance. The cardiac cat lines did it again almost, but this time they actually held off in one by nine points, but they almost found a way once again, to blow a lead to Carson wins, who is actually second in the NFL passing yard somehow he might actually be third.

Now. I don’t know if Josh Allen passed him after Monday night, but who knows at the end of Sunday, he was second. They almost blew it, but Detroit is sneaky. Good. We talked about this before this season and I think they are continuing¬† to be, they’re gonna continue to be sneaky. Good am on St. Brown might be like the best receiver in the NFL right now.

Yeah, he’s great. And Carson Wentz despite the loss 3 37, 3 touchdowns. It’s pretty interesting. You see that? We’ll get to the Colts later, the Colts can’t move the football and Carson wins, like you said, second in the NFL and that’s two good weeks from Carson Wentz. He’s never his problem’s inconsistency.

He’s gonna do something to fuck up something at some point of every single game. Yeah. And they lost to the lines and almost lost to the Jags the week before. So it’s, there has been some issues, another game that was boring for most of the day was Tompa Bay at new Orleans against Jameis.
A lot of fucking weird things happened to that game. I feel like a lot of people pushing each other, a lot of fighting a lot of more and Evans. Why am I blanking on Evans’ first name? Mike Evans. Wow. Mike Evans. You only got one minute. You gotta hurry up with those names, man.

They finally got off the Schneider against his saints. I wonder what the hell they have against each other. There’s the third time they fought, like they must really fucking hate each other. Yeah. Every time I think the last three matchups or three outta the last four, somebody, one of ’em has been ejected, Latimore Evans.

But more importantly for me as James played through like broken vertebrates and back or whatever it. Played like shit, three interceptions. That’s probably why they lost. But on top of that, Tom Brady does not look the same. I know that it might change. I think that this kind of happened last year, but he does not look the same.

I think we can all admit that. Yeah. As of right now we’ll see if he can get up for the game against green bay, then we’re gonna have a problem, but we’ll see they’re playing the Packers and, Brady in a big game. If he doesn’t show up, that means he’s not the same. That’s very true.

All right. That’s the time Panthers? 16 giants 19. What I take from this game, first of all, baker, Mayfield’s obviously struggling and maybe didn’t take advantage of his opportunity in Cleveland enough with a great O line with great running backs. Both quarterbacks suck though. Daniel Jones also sucks.

I know the giants are two and oh But I think Carolina and New York, my big takeaway from this game is both. Might need you quarterbacks next. Oh, they’re both in the market for a new quarterback. I think both teams are actually a quarterback away from being good teams too. Yeah. I think the giants defense that’s two weeks in the world where they looked really good.

They were one of my sleeper teams heading into the season. They’re two and oh, they play the Cowboys on Monday night football this week. I think they can be three. You. Oh, and look at that point, you’re already. Got three wins in the bag. You’re gonna have a, at least an average season. Yeah. Yeah. And I think the coach is good.

Dabole seems like he actually knows what he is doing. He’s a badass going for it on week one, but they have beat two team, two teams that have looked pretty bad. So that’s one thing to take into consideration. Daniel Jones is not that good, but they might have a good season. Like you said, The new England, PA this is maybe one of the most boring games of the week, even though it was 17 to 14, which would make you think it’s a fun game, but it was the new England Patriots at Pittsburgh and the a Patriots win 17 to 14.

All right. So I bet this game was one of my best bets of the week. I had the Patriots minus two and a half, and I told you, Sam, there’s only one reason. If bill Bella check cannot beat Mitch Trubisky. He’s. Yeah, plain and simple. If he couldn’t do it against me Trubisky, I was off on bell. Check the Patriots won.

I don’t take anything out of his game. Other than Mitch Trubisky will not be the quarterback whole season for the skiers. Yeah. All I’m gonna say is I don’t think Pittsburgh or new England, which is very odd. Maybe even our hometown team Seattle. When you look at three coaches that have been consistent winners, Mike Tomlin, bill bell, check P arrow.

They might all have bad seasons this year. All those teams might not be very. Which is gonna be the first time. I’m sure there’s some weird stat. Maybe those three guys not having winning seasons altogether might be like the first time ever in the, mean, Mike, Tomlin’s never had a losing season in the NFL.

It’s coming brother. It’s coming well. Oh yeah no I agree with that. That’s all I got. All right. Was that you? Yep. Okay. So Colt zero first place in the AFC, south Jaguars 24. Okay. I’ll say two things. I’ve upped my belief in Trevor Lawrence. I still don’t know if he’s gonna be what we thought he was gonna be.

But they got a good coach. Finally, the roster’s getting better and he’s looking more like the quarterback that we wanted a young Trevor Lawrence to look like. So I’m proud of Jacksonville. I’m proud of him actually. Like he’s looking better. The cults are embarrassing and Mount Ryan’s embarrassing.

I know you’re gonna bring up Carson winds now, but like they, the guy looks. That’s not what I’m gonna bring about. I’m actually gonna bring up the, we were saying before the season NFC east NFC east is the worst division in football. The AFC south of the Titans cults Jags in Texans is the worst division in the NFL.

Yeah. Titans have not been good either. that’s a bad division. Any of those teams you just named might be in the class. Yep. One of ’em has to be, I know, but that’s what I’m saying, like there, but there’s not my point more, obviously one of them has to be, that’s pretty clear here. The point means.

There’s not one of them that’s that much worse or better than the others. So it’s it could be any of them. It could be the COLS who haven’t scored a point and it could be, could be tennis. It could be any of the teams, even if they look bad right now, that was more my point. Like I totally agree.
Next this was probably the most entertaining game of the week to me, which was Miami at Baltimore. Don’t forget that part. Miami wins 42 to 38. Yeah, and I don’t think it was the most entertaining game of a day. It’s the most entertaining game of a decade. What the fuck was this? 469 yards from TUA,¬† Lamar Jackson in six touchdowns and six touchdowns, Lamar Jackson, over four hundred and fifty four hundred forty total yards and four touchdowns.

This was like you playing someone in Madden. That’s what this game was. This was a Madden football game in. It’s like when you put like a real 15 minute clock in Madden in the game, like we’re actually playing 15 minute quarters and you’re like getting 55 past attempts. Tua might be the real deal.

I’m not gonna say anything about Lamar. He might be the MVP this year. Becasue what, like the way he’s starting to play. I know they blew this huge lead against him, but he might be the MVP. Good for you because everyone continues to doubt him. Even after starting off wanna know now two oh people already talking about is he’s actually good enough.

They got the bills we’re gonna find out. Yeah. But they’re gonna lose to the bills, but you can find out if he’s good enough, at least. That’s all we got. All right. Another entertaining game. At the end, at least Falcons 27 Rams 31. The Rams aren’t as good as they were last year, whatever it is.
Like they almost blew this to the Falcons. That’s all I really have to say. They’ll get better. I think staffer was coming off an injury anyways, like an elbow injury. And the Falcon suck Marcus Marriott is not very good and they almost came back, but really my concern is more, the Rams just don’t look the same.

Absolutely. That’s huge order. Yeah. I totally agree with you on that. I have nothing else to say about this game. Totally agree. That was really awkward. All right. Sorry. I said, yeah know, I guess like I got nothing on this. I can’t. No, that’s a little more normal all’s guys. No we’re feeling some weirdness going on here, but it’s all right.

I just stared at George in the eyes saying honestly, do you wanna know the distract by something? I know those lies on this podcast? No. I actually thought I ever said something about this game. I’m like, great shit. I didn’t. So I was like waiting for you to transition to the next, but dude, cuz you did lie about something yet last I forgot what it was, but I actually forgot that hadn’t said anything about this game yet.

It’s almost alive, but not really. It’s okay. All right. We got our hometown team George and I’m gonna do a plug before I start the timer, which. We do have a Seattle sports podcast. It’s called sports on tap Seattle. You can find it on every single platform everywhere, and you can find it on all social media platforms.

youtube.com everywhere at San Seattle S O NT, Seattle. So that’s Twitter, Instagram TikTok, YouTube back slash San Seattle S O int Seattle, or type in sports on tap Seattle on YouTube in the search bar or on all or they call podcasting platform. That’s where you’ll be able to find the podcast. So check that out.

You can hear us, depressingly talk about the Seahawks and positively talk about the Mariners, which is a weird change for once with that said the game is the Seattle Seahawks at the San Francisco 49ers and they lost 27 to seven. Everything Sami said about the Seattle podcast. You can probably go get all our Seattle takes there.

I wanna talk about the 49ers here for a real quick. Trey Lance obviously gets hurt fractures. His ankle breaks his tibula and he is out for the rest of his season. And that’s bad news for him and for the rest of the NFL. Because I think this makes us a 49ers, despite I feel bad for the guy. It makes a 49ers better.

Jimmy G good thing. They resigned them if you’re a 49ers fan, because now they have a quarterback and I think this makes the team better. Yeah. The sea were a joke with gen Smith and I no hate towards him. He’s just, obviously there’s a reason. He is a backup for. Seven years. But like you said, we can, you can hear all that complaints on our Seattle podcast.
Yeah, the 49ers are better with Jimmy G, so I feel bad for trail lands. And I, I don’t know if he might not be ready to start next season with a broken leg and broken ankle, whatever it is. So I, you have to feel bad for him because if Jimmy G does take the foreign hours to the super bowl or something, I don’t know if he’s gonna get his job to start next.

I I totally agree with you there. That’s all we’ve got. It’s your turn, George. It’s my turn now. Okay, so we got the, we got some blank outs today. but it’s hard to remember who went first, who went last. I have trouble with this stuff. Bengal 17, that Cooper rush red that had Cowboys 20. There you go.
There you go. That was George’s game. All right. We have another disappointing loss by the Bengals. The Cowboys maybe Cooper rush can keep him in this season. I don’t know. I also don’t think Dak very good is the more I’m realizing even he’s not that great. And so the Cowboys are, I don’t know if they’re much different with or without Dak.

But I’m really more concerned about the Bengals here. They’re just not the same, that offensive line. You can’t like, it’s kinda like the Seattle Russell Wilson stuff. You can’t survive with a bad offensive line year over year, over year. Joe Burrow gets hit left and right. It’s bad. Yeah.

They reinvested so much money into this offensive line and I just looked that works six sacks, six sack. Again for bur I think first week had five stacks. It’s been S I think a total of 11 times already this season, you cannot, you have to find a way to keep ’em upright. You just can’t win football like this way.

Like by getting puled by big offensive line, defensive linemen in the face over and over and over and over again. Yeah. It just doesn’t work. And you gotta feel bad for Joe burrow, cuz he’s so talented and so sick but you never know there’s the type of team that could probably just come outta nowhere soon.

True win like 10 straight. Oh, this is a money one. We have I’m so glad George gets to start on this one. The Houston Texans, even though doubt Denver one at Denver. Denver wins 16 to nine, but Russell Wilson fucking sucked. Just a quick reminder here, Denver Broncons fans, you have signed Russell Wilson for the next, what?

Five, six years. Is it? Six years, whatever it might be. So congrats a fucking relations. You get a deal with all his it’s so cute that, oh, let’s ride that’s ride when you’re winning, what’s not cute. Let’s ride. Let’s. And fucking sucking, man, that guy. I’m sorry. Look, everyone’s blaming Nathaniel Hackett for every single one of those of games.

You have a quarterback who can also get the people lined up and hike the ball. And Tyler Locke had the biggest problem right now. Russell Wilson is using the same hand signals as Seattle. Like the guy, literally. Yeah. Tyler lock. He did not say that’s his biggest problem, but no, but I’m saying, I think is his biggest problem in Tyler lock said Russell Wilson sucks.

no, he didn’t. No, he didn’t. Russell Wilson is under 60% completion at 58% two touchdowns, he’s 16 and QBR. He does not look the same. I don’t think he’s as good as he once was. That’s all I gotta say. Houston sucks. So like he’s not hard to talk about. Yeah. I feel bad. We barely even said a word about Houston, but there’s a reason for that.

They, are they them or the bears? Maybe the sea, those teams are just awful. At least the Seahawk won a game. So yeah, and they don’t have Russell Wilson anymore. At least they don’t have to root for him doing all that. All right, Sami, you get a little dandy here. You got the red birds, the Arizona Cardinals going to sin city, the Las Vegas Raiders, 29 and 23 in overtime.

We may be a Seattle sports podcast on the other end, as we told you, and that’s our native town, but we do live in Phoenix. So we do get a lot, we do. Watch these Cardinals games, we gotta watch Kyler Murray who might be inconsistent, but he is fun. They had a remarkable comeback and Kyler on that two point conversion to tie the game before going to overtime, ran what, 81 yards and 21 seconds.

And what we mean by that is it was like he’s going sideways, back and forth. He had to run a total of 80 something yards before he ran it into a touchdown. It was remarkable. And he’s the type of guy that. A single handedly make plays that most people in the NFL can’t. Yeah. And I wouldn’t say it was 80 something yards that’s approximate.

It felt like 2000 yards, the guy was running around. He’s so fun to watch. Like he’s. He’s like what people play Madden when you used to have Michael Vick and used to run around in that Madden game and you couldn’t tackle him. That’s what Kyler Murray is. And it’s so fun to watch. I dunno how long it’s sustainable, but it is fun to watch it is.

And I’ll just say something, I know we’re at a time, but it’s okay to go over sometimes. The Raiders very slow start. That’s tough. O and two, after signing Devonta Adams and Chandler Jones in the off season and some big pieces like, and it’s Josh, McDaniel’s what. Second opportunity. He didn’t do the first time he was a head coach.

Yeah. At Denver. And now is his second opportunity. So you can’t start off like, oh 3 0 4 with a team that was in the playoffs last year. So good luck to totally agree. The last Sunday game, Sunday night football, an absolute shit shitty game shit, show whatever absolute snoozers Chicago at green bay. And as always, I own you as Aaron Rogers would say 27 to 10.

Green bay. Yeah. He just owns them. There was a point in this game where it looked like the bears were gonna make it interesting up seven to three after one quarter. And after that it was a skewer for the first five minutes. Yeah, the first I like that, there was a point like that point was the first minute, 10 minutes of a game.

And that was basically it. The game was not much to watch and here’s a memo. I’m just gonna send out a memo to NBC sports, stop putting this fucking game on Sunday night football every fucking year, cuz we’ve never. Ever had it be good once, like every year they fucking bears Packers, earmuffs, earmuffs children in the car with their bear.

Every, every damn year they put this back on why you can swear. But I was just those three F bombs and with, and George really doesn’t like Chicago green bay on Sunday night. Cuz we got three F bombs in a matter of maybe what was that? Seven seconds. I hate it like every year. And it’s this year will be the year.

It’s good. No, it sucked again. Yeah. Let’s wait till Chicago gets a quarterback before. But yeah, that’s a shot at Justin Fields before you put ’em on Sunday night football. Come on. Exactly. I’ll write Sami onto Monday night, the smalls, because they are not Titans versus the bills 41 7. That was top five.

One of your worst jokes of all time, cuz the smalls, if they were like the New York football giants that would’ve maybe been a better one to use smalls, but a Titan is like a giant, right? What is it? Whatever it is, it’s not, that’s not a synonym or or what’s the what? The word, it’s not a good opposite word.

It’s like me calling the I don’t know. Anyway, 41 1, no, this is the game suck. This is more important that you just, okay. What’s more important the game or the fact that you’re just trying to use Titans and small as what’s worse is there’s cinnamon. It is a synonym. You said it’s not, it’s a cinnamon.
It’s a similar word is a synonym syno. Sitting this guy’s English today. I just can’t. We’re blanking out. All right. The Buffalo bills are the best team in football. That’s all I got for that game. Are they? People are gonna start talking about ’em going undefeated and they’re not gonna be undefeated.
I’ll tell you that. No one goes undefeated. So I’m not even gonna, I wouldn’t talk about them going. I don’t think many people will, cuz they’ll lose a game sooner than later.

Okay. No one goes undefeated and that’s old school, so only Tom Brady can do that. And he lost in the super bowl. true. So if Tom Brady couldn’t the other men, the other Monday night game, also a fucking snoozer these Monday night games sucked Minnesota at Philly 24 to seven Philly. Kirk cousins really likes to kick his better people who bet on the Vikings and the balls on Monday night football. I bet on Kirk cousins and the Vikings and I just literally right away, you can, even, that was our fault.

That was our fault. That was our fault. I, yeah it’s definitely our, like doing 11 in prime time. Like it’s, that’s our fault. Yeah. On Monday night he’s been actually been okay. I think 500 on Sunday night, but Monday night football, Kirk cousins just stay away. That’s all it’s not worth. And Hey, I was wrong.

The Eagles are actually fucking. They are. They’re great. And you don’t hurt. Really good. He can pass too. It’s not just with his legs. I’m actually very pleasantly surprised about I don’t. I will say though, bad Sunday night football game, bad Monday night game and another bad Monday night game. That’s just not fair.

No, it’s not fair, especially, but we’ve had some really good like endings in the afternoon. So but hopefully next week we have some good Sunday night 49ers Broncos should be good. Should be maybe we got Cowboys giants Monday night. So I’m just gonna ignore. Huh let’s hope. And George, I’m gonna do one thing before we move on to three Kings and three Stooges.

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And it’s. Speaking of player props and players, George, it is time for our weekly three Kings and three Stooges of the NFL quarterback week. Whatever you wanna say it is. We do this every single week. Last year we used to do it. Based on a rolling calendar, whatever oh Tom, Brady’s good again.

So he’s still at the top three this week. We’re going this year. We’re going week by week. So we’re gonna do three Kings for this week and the three Stooges for this week of NFL quarterbacks. And which one you wanna start with? Let’s start with the three Kings. Okay. This week, let’s hear who you got on there and I’ll tell you if I match any of them.

Okay. So I’m gonna start off with someone who I obviously is gonna be on both of ours this week. And that’s tah. Tah is, has to be king. We have 469 yards and six touchdowns. I don’t think it’s possible not to be a king. Yep. I have ’em as well. So I’m. Just mark. ’em already as one of our three Kings of the week because the guy literally, I had 4 69 and six touchdowns in a comeback on the road in Baltimore.

Like it was actually one of the more impressive performances we’re gonna see in a long time. People don’t throw six touchdowns anymore. And that doesn’t necessarily, I’m not like, I need a little more time before, like Tyre kill was running around wide open. I’m not gonna say, I think too is now like an elite, top 10 quarterback.

He’s approaching that if he continues this, obviously if he continues throwing six touch sounds, he’ll probably be a top 10 quarterback but Tyre kill is definitely a difference maker, man, that guy gets open. He just blows by his people. Yeah, it’s pretty insane to be honest. But shit. I don’t know.
That’s all I got, like, all right. Should I go off my second king? Yeah. All right, Joe Flaco. And the reason I’m putting Joe Flacco here is one is the comeback win, but two he’s probably never gonna get another opportunity to become a three king in the rest of three King’s history. He had 307 yards, four touchdowns, no picks.

And let him two a comeback win. Say it again. Which part, the person or say the name that I know the person just kinda I feel like your voice went away, then you gave me all the stats, Joe Flaco. Oh yeah. I have Joe Flacco too. All right. And I said, he prob one of the reasons is he’s probably never gonna be on there again, but, and his stats were good enough.

I had two at number two and Joe Flacco at number three. Okay. Oh, okay. I had two at one Flacco, two Who’s your first. Then I had Patrick Mahomes, really? Okay. I didn’t like Patrick Mahomes stats enough to do that. I, but it’s not about stats. That’s see this is the thing for me. If you’re like the king of the week, you also have to consider what the situation is like Patrick Mahomes.

Beat Justin Herbert in a battle like this. Wasn’t like Aaron Rogers, like Aaron Rogers, wouldn’t be on my list this week unless he threw five touchdowns cuz he played against the bears. Okay. Yep. So like for me, Patrick Mahomes is like one of the only guys in this game that I ever just, I automatically.
He’s like just somewhere near that list, if he has a decent game and it depends who he’s playing. So for him, I had him somewhere on my list. Okay. I have other guys, I have other guys too. I wanted to put Lamar Jackson there, but I think you have to win. You can’t lose to be a three king that week. So Lamar and Herbert.

Were my like four or fives. Okay. But I put them what I was saying, why I put them below is because they lost. Okay. That’s fair. But then there’s a guy. We both that I had actually at three this week, because the way he was it, Josh Allen, it’s Josh Allen. 26 for 38, 317 yards. Four touchdowns.
No picks like, yeah, no, I’ll put Josh Allen over Mahomes. Yeah. My Mahomes is more just like for me, because of who they played. Okay. I find in the other. Herbert was one of the other guys like the tu Lamar situation, like yes. Wow. You beat one of the other guys that I would like maybe put on my list.

That’s how good of a win it is and how good you have to play to win that. That’s why the Josh Allen for me is a little tough cuz they just fucking blew out tie, but maybe we need to get used to that cuz they’re gonna blow people. Yeah, that’s my thing. Maybe we just need to get used to that. That’s a great way to put it.

So who are our three Kings then we settled on? So our three settled Kings are two a Tagaloa. Joe Flaco and Josh Allen for week two of the NFL season. You’ll never ever. Ever again, hear that list in that order with those three names on the list, probably on the three Kings ever again on this podcast.

I totally agree with that. I don’t know if Joel Flaco will ever be on again for sure. And Tua also has a chance to maybe never be on it if he just goes back to normal T next week. Yeah, no, totally. Especially the Flaco thing. Yeah. That’s just fucking weird. I can’t all right. I can’t believe it to be honest.

Me, me either. All right. To the Stooges since. I see, gave you, you gave me the the honor of giving my Kings the first you can give me the dudes first. Okay. Can I start with you? I’m gonna give you my three that missed the list per reason. Okay. That missed the list. This will help. Yeah. Russell Wilson because they won.

Okay. If they lost again, he probably would’ve been on my list or close to it. Okay. So I took him off baker Mayfield. I took him off my list because he had no interceptions and didn’t really fuck up. He’s not billing good, but he didn’t fuck up. But he’s close. He’s on my list. He’s I think he’s more towards a close as well.

Yeah. There’s no way he’s been worse than the other three, four guys on my list this last week. Okay. And who’s James Winston. I gave him a pass cuz he’s hurt also. Okay. I’m glad you did cuz I didn’t wanna put him on mine. He’s on my list, but I just didn’t wanna put him on. He might have to be on there if he’s on your list too.

Cause no. He’s on my, like just missed cause baker Mayfield played better than James Winston. Did James win played like ass? Yeah. But I’ll give you my first and obvious one that I think we both have, which is Matt Ryan. Okay. All right, Matt. Ryan is on my list. Thank you. Matt. Ryan went 16 for thirty, a hundred ninety five yards, zero touch thousand three picks.

And that’s after having a shitty week, the previous week as well. He’s been a pretty, pretty much an embarrassment for the cold so far. Yeah. Yeah. He’s been an absolute embarrassment. There’s no, there’s nothing like you can say. I don’t know how look I’m done defending Carson, Wes, but if you watch both of those quarterbacks, even last year, you have to say like cars and went is a better quarterback right now than Matt Bryan.

Sure. He also lost to the Jaguars to go to the playoffs. Yeah. I know. At least they scored bet Ryan got shut out. It gets a Jack. No, I understand. I’m just saying I understand why the clocks colds move on. Oh, I totally understand too. All right. So I gonna give you the other guy, right? Justin Fields.

Okay. He’s not on my list at all, but okay. Justin Fields, you know his that’s where I have ’em for you. No, I don’t. So let’s let’s Justin field against the Packers. This shows you how much the coaching staff also believes he sucks. He was seven for 11. He passed the ball 11 times with 70 yards and wa one pick no touchdowns.

That’s pretty bad. He had under a hundred yards passing. Okay. And keep him keep ’em on there for a second. Cuz I have a couple guys that I wanna. Mention, I think he might be on there, but there’s. Do you have anyone else on the list? Yeah. Okay. I didn’t tell you my third. It was Justin Fields, Matt Ryan, and Ryan tan hill.

Okay. So here’s the thing. I like that by the way I, Ryan Dan hill was 11 for 2117 and two picks and got benched. Okay. So Ryan Tana, Hill’s on my list. So let’s settle here for sure. And say, Matt, Ryan and Ryan Tana will have to be on. Yes, that’s enough. Okay. No question. Okay. So here are the other guys I have with you.

I did not think of Justin Fields. I really like that, but I just wanna throw my other guys on there. Mitchell Trubisky, I wanna throw on there. And I also wanna throw Kirk cousins on there because Kirk was an embarrassment with the Monday night thing. One touchdown, three picks 221 yards. Is it Mitch, is it fields or is it Kirk for the last one?

I’ll let you have this pick. I don’t think it can be Kirk because at least he threw a touchdown. Number one, number two is. The team. I feel like the coaching staff saying we trust you. If he kept throwing Justin Fields, threw the ball 11 times while they were down, the coaching staff was like, fuck, no, this guy’s not throwing the ball hit 70 off.

And that’s pretty SA that’s pretty sad. Okay, Mitch. Or fields. That’s the last one. I don’t, what do you know what Trubisky stats were? Yeah, I’m gonna bring ’em up right now, but before we make that decision, I like I’ll base this off stats I have ’em now. Okay. Yeah. And God man field, I didn’t know field stats were that bad.

So Trubisky wasn’t that bad. 63%, 168 yards of touchdown in a pick. It’s not like the worst. No, I think you’re right. We gotta put Justin Fields on the three Stooges. Like you can’t throw for under a hundred yards and only be trusted to throw 11 times while you’re down. If they’re winning and you throw 11 times there’s that game.

I forget how many passes Jimmy Garo threw and everyone’s making fun of him. They’re UPFC championship. When they, by they’re up by 30 points. Why just throw the ball around? Like this one, they were down and you threw 11 times. You’re right, man. You have. Down against the division rival. Yeah, you have to.

And NBC, you know what I can we, on Sunday night football, can we give the third stooge to NBC sports, broad team that decides to put the Packers in the bears on Sunday night football every year? Is that NBC’s choice or NFLs? I have, I think it’s NBC’s choice. Cause I think they get first picking.
So I think how it works for the prime time games. Like I think NBC Sunday night football gets the first choice and then Monday night football gets the second choice on who they’re like gonna pick for the. I could be wrong about that too. Whoever chose is the third stooge, but Justin Fields you’re right.

Justin Fields is the third stooge. Yeah, it has to be because baker didn’t play that bad. He’s been bad, but not that bad James was hurt. So you, he would be the other option, but you gotta give it up to James for playing with what do he have? Like fracture vertebrae or some bullshit yeah. Yeah. It’s like some bullshit like that.

And, but I absolutely agree with you. I did not know Justin fields’ stats were that bad. Yeah. He’s awful. So overall, what we had is three Kings, two, a tug IOA, Joe Flaco laugh every time Josh Allen, and then the three Stooges, we ended up with Matt Ryan, Tana hill two Ryans and Justin Fields ad week could be named Ryan.

If you’re an NFL court to have your name or to have your name Ryan in some way. Yeah. whatever it means. Shit. All right. That’s all we got. Love it, man. Anything else, man? We got some football coming up next week. No, that’s it. Some football coming up next week, like you said. And other than that, I just thought it’s pretty, these three Stooges and three Kings this week were pretty funny to me.

I’m just trying to think is there anything else that’s going on and oh Aaron judge. Yeah. Oh no not, that’s not football related right now. Oh, you football? Aaron just hit 60 home runs. What are we gonna talk about for 10 seconds? Yeah, he has 60 home runs. There you go. Yeah. It’s amazing. It is.

I feel like if, unless you’re gonna talk about it. It’s like it’s okay. That’s what, Hey, I wanna talk, I’ll tell you something here though. Cuz I just put a short out on it, on our talk in our YouTube and Instagram stuff. Okay then don’t this course on top. Have people go listen to it?
Yeah, no go listen to it. But I just wanna say go listen to C Young’s record. That will never be broken in major league baseball history. It won’t be. But that’s a lot of things. Like I also don’t know how much I fucking believe a lot of shit from back then. Babe Ruth, I don’t fucking know if he really hit a ball 600 feet.

Did he really have 740? Okay. Lemme just say 749 complete games. That means you had to throw 30 complete games. 25 straight seasons. Yeah. What year was that? Dude. I don’t know. What year do I look like? I’m slid. Franso you born? 1867. I don’t know if these stats are real. Okay. That’s the one thing I’m gonna always say.

It’s fuck the Bible. There’s it’s like somebody wrote it, but I like, I believe in the Bible, but I’m just saying in general, it’s like somebody wrote it. Time ago. Can I tell you about his 1892 stats? Sure. I genuinely like the last thing I’m interested in these fake stats, but okay.

All right. Now, literally this is hilarious. Okay. So in 1892, at the age of 25 C young for Cleveland, I don’t know what the team name was back then, but Cleveland, he started 53 games. He had the Cleveland naps. The Cleveland naps really is that really their. What year? 1892. No, at that time they were the Cleveland spiders.

Okay. The Cleveland for the Cleveland spiders. Why they should have gone back to the Cleveland spiders now instead of the guardians. Okay. This has maybe been, this is probably his best season. He was 25 years old, Cy young win, 36 and 12. With a 1.93 era. He started 53 games and he went 48 games complete. He threw 453 innings.

So that was, I don’t believe it, but that’s fine. I also don’t believe a Ruth so runs or how far they went or the fucking fences were like 50 feet away and they just, no, there’s no recollection. Honestly, think Sami’s. Whole entire purpose of life should be to go find out if these old baseball stats were real.
There’s no actual way to find out that’s the problem. Like the one that says what at a tiger stadium in 1904, that babe Ruth hit a home run, 652 feet. Like really? If Aaron judge can’t hit it or Barry bonds, didn’t hit it 600. Do you think fat old man, babe Ruth hit it 600 feet. I have no idea, but I do know that.

Who does for you? What do you think? I think it’s quite. Possibly exaggerated. Yeah, it is exaggerated. Yeah. For ex just the one last thing Cy young through 7,356 innings. yeah. I also don’t believe that or I do. It’s just the town suck. Like it reminds me of like basketball, like people, bill Russell, winning NOFA, rest in peace, but.

Like these 11 championships okay, there’s five teams in the NBA. Yeah. It last thing I’m gonna say about this. Cause I don’t think they, this is the fourth time that you said the last thing I’m gonna say. Cause I’m just you. No. I, at some point just say things, the last I’m gonna be the last thing I say, cuz this is not something at six that’s, six.

We need to talk about anymore. Since he threw 73, 7,356 endings. We’re saying at minimum, right? At per ending, you have to throw, let’s say nine, nine pitches. That’s the least amount you can throw. Like tech, you can probably throw more, less if it’s three straight ground outs, but let’s say he threw at least nine, which he didn’t, he threw more.

That means he threw 65,000 pitches in his career. That is definitely not real. I don’t know. Does it say online how many pitches he saw? No, but I’m saying, he says he threw 7,300 innings. How many pitches did Zion throw in his career? Yeah, let’s see. I don’t know if they keeps kept stats of that.

Let’s see, young totaled three, no hitters. He threw a perfect game. He hold direction for most career innings pitch, which was 7,000, whatever, 815 and wait. So he pitched 815 games. and 749 of them were complete. Yeah. 749 were complete game.

I’m just trying to, and people say he was throwing. 94 to 95 miles per hour back then they were saying, okay, they didn’t have a radar gun. That’s what they said. This is like the total definition. What clock of his fastest record pitch, an actual official game clocked in at 96.89. That’s pretty impressive.

In the night in like the late 18 hundreds. what. Damn that’s fucking Cy. Young must have been a talent time. Traveler. I don’t know you. When you look up his pictures, he does not. He looks like babe. Ruth looks like a fat white dude. That’s just like having beers and playing some baseball. No, I like how you said that he pitched 800 games and he had 749 complete.

Yes, sir. It seems a little yeah. Yeah. It’s like the baseball hall of fame. Yes. That is what happened. Yes. read the sign on the wall. That’s what it says. That’s what it said. Yeah. That’s what they said. Thanks. And Moses part of this season. Yeah. I’m telling you, it’s like the Bible.

Baseball’s like the Bible. It’s this is what happened. If you choose to believe it. Good for you. If you Don. Good for you for questioning same thing. And I’m a Christian man, whatever, like I can still say, if you believe the Bible, it’s just if somebody wrote it’s same as baseball stats, right?

Like he hit a 600 foot home run and you’re like, okay I can choose to believe this and have it be part of my journey or I can question it and question, Yeah, but there’s a reason they call it the Cy young award. Like they’re you can’t change it. If a guy threw seven 50 shit. If he did if is the key word?
That’s all we got some baseball talk. Aaron judge hit 60 home runs Cy. Young’s crazy.

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