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Shoeless Goat Podcast Season 4 Episode 9

The first half of the MLB season is a wrap, and we’re here to chalk up where things stand on the Shoeless Goat Podcast.  Pat’s doom and gloom prediction of a 25% playoff chance last week may have been a bit premature, with the White Sox finally having a huge week and cutting the gap in the AL Central to 3 games.  Meanwhile, the Cubs were able to salvage a win at the end of yet another rough week in a long (pre-deadline) season.

With the All Star Game on the horizon and the news of a Home Run derby being the tiebreaker, the guys turn back the clock a bit – if the same rule applied to the infamous 2002 MLB All Star Game, who would Nick and Pat send out there to win the game?  From Barry Bonds to Manny Ramirez to A Rod and more, there’s plenty of star power to go around.

Get all set for All Star Games past and present here on the Shoeless Goat Podcast, the best place for all things White Sox, Cubs, and MLB.

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