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Shoeless Goat Podcast Season 4 Episode 7

After a winless week for the North Siders and another losing week for the South Siders, Nick and Pat regroup on the Shoeless Goat Podcast to bring you the latest in Chicago baseball.

For the Cubs, this week involved four losses to the Orioles and Yankees, with a barrage of homers killing them in New York. With such a down week, Nick looks forward to the chance of a lifetime in the Cubs TV booth.

The White Sox were close to a solid week, but between the 1-2 Intentional Walk, injuries, pitching issues, defense, and whatever else, they continued to find ways to not get it done. Despite the struggles, Pat knows that Tony La Russa has virtually no chance of being fired again.

Get up to speed on all things Chicago baseball on the newest Shoeless Goat Podcast!

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