How You Can Plan the Best Game Day Party

How You Can Plan the Best Game Day Party

No matter what your poison is, whether it’s baseball, football, basketball, or something else, there’s nothing like going to see a game in person. However, there is the next best thing. Watching sports at home can become an event if you put a bit of work and planning into it. Here are some tips so that you and your friends can enjoy the match from the comfort of your own homes. 

Choose Your Venue

The first step is to choose where you’re going to watch the match. If you can’t go in person, then someone will have to host. When choosing the host, you want to consider several factors. First, who has the biggest and best television set?

A great television set lets you watch the match in perfect focus. Sometimes, you can get a better view of the game than you would if you watched it in person, although you still miss out on the atmosphere. As well as a large, high-definition television, you also want to be able to access the best sports streaming sites. This means that you will always be able to find a game.

As well as a quality television set, your venue should have enough seating for everyone. Nobody wants to be the one relegated to the floor because there isn’t enough space on the sofa. Get plenty of comfortable seating ready, because you’ll all be there for a while. 

If you’re hosting the game day, then make sure that you don’t invite too many people. Every person will need a place to eat, as well as food and drinks. Remember, a game day party should be focused on the game, not general chatter. Invite people who are invested in the match and who’ll create the right atmosphere. If you can, wear sports jerseys or team colors.

Game Day Prep

Hosting a game day party doesn’t take as much planning as some events, but it’s still best to keep on top of things. The venue should be cleaned and ready to go. Any snacks should be ready before the game starts so that nobody has to wander to and from the kitchen and potentially miss a bit. If you have family who isn’t watching, then consult them beforehand.

Also, whoever is hosting the game day party shouldn’t be responsible for all of the snacks and drinks. This can lead to resentment. Different people have different expectations, but it’s recommended that everyone chips in somehow. Even bringing a six-pack of beer or some chips shows some appreciation. Work out who is bringing what beforehand, or you’ll find that everyone brings chips and nobody brings the booze.

Game Day Snacks

No game day is complete without some great snacks. You can go simple and classic, providing chips and dip, nuts, and chicken wings, or just order takeout for everyone to enjoy. One great way to make your game day more of an event is to prepare game day snacks in advance. 

Remember, simple is best. The focus is on the game, not on the food. Make a medley of chicken wings or lollipops for easier, cleaner eating, with different spice levels to create more of a challenge. Provide sheet pan nachos. Don’t forget pizza, tater tots, potato skins, or sweet options. 

Even if you want to go more complex and interesting, keep it on the theme. Game day snacks aren’t light or beautiful. It’s good food, sweet and salty with as much heat as you can handle. Candied bacon is a great idea, as it’s easy and a bit different while being delicious and horrendously unhealthy, which is ideal for a game day party.

Bring in the Booze

Often a game day party is a perfect opportunity to break out the bar. You don’t need to go crazy, but some beers and liquor are great options. Beers during the game day are a must-have and provide a light and heavier option to please everyone.

When it comes to spirits, provide a couple of options along with mixers. Unless you want all of your liquor to drain away, it’s best to serve the drinks. You can’t go wrong with rum, vodka, or bourbon for game day. Rum and coke is a simple, delicious cocktail that will please most people. 

It’s also important to provide plenty of water to keep people hydrated. Salty food and alcohol can rapidly lead to dehydration, which you’re sure to regret in the morning when that hangover kicks in. Look after yourself and you’ll remember the game day party fondly, rather than hazily and painfully. 

Written by Sami Jarjour

The Co-Founder of Sports ON Tap & Host of "Stuff That Matters w/ Sami Jarjour" Podcast & Co-Host of "Pod That: Two Brothers Talkin' Sports"

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