How to Take Your Golf Skills Up a Level

How to Take Your Golf Skills Up a Level

If you’ve already been working hard at improving your golf game but you haven’t yet noticed much of a change, that might suggest you’ve been focusing your efforts in the wrong areas and applying yourself in the wrong ways. There are lots of proven strategies for improving your golf skills and taking them up a level, so find out more about them below.

Get the Pace of Your Puts Right

When it comes to perfecting a put, there are lots of mistakes you can make and things that can go wrong if you’re not careful. It’s up to you to make sure that you’re focusing on the pace and not worrying so much about the angle or the wind direction. Before you start worrying about that detail, learn how the ball moves differently depending on the pace you hit it with.

Focus on Developing a Straighter, Not Harder, Hit

When you’re looking to improve the way in which you hit the ball when playing golf, it pays off to focus on achieving a far straighter hit. That’s how you make the right contact, and send the ball further and in the direction you want it to go in. Lots of people make the mistake of trying to hit it as hard as possible but that’s not what matters most here.

Try Out New Courses

In order to get better at golf in a rounded way, you need to play different holes and try out different courses. If you’re always playing on the same course, your confidence can build up over time when in fact, it’s more important to try out a variety of different courses and holes in order to vary your practice schedule. When you’re challenged in new ways, you’ll improve in new ways too.

Upgrade Your Equipment

By upgrading your equipment, your golf game can be improved in a few different ways. For example, you can make it so you’re more invested in your efforts to get better at golf because you’ve made a financial investment by buying some new clubs and maybe custom golf bags. And the actual clubs and equipment you use can make it easier for you to progress faster too.

Make Practice Fun with Friends

Playing golf should be fun. After all, you’re probably not trying to become a pro, and that means you’re doing all of this as a hobby. You want it to be a good time and that’s how you improve faster too. When you enjoy practicing by having fun with your friends, you’ll progress faster because it won’t become a chore for you. And it never should be a chore.

As you can see, there are lots of approaches you can take if you want to improve your golf skills going forward. It’s always up to you to think about how you might achieve the aims you have in mind, so be sure to make the most of the ideas above. Each of them will serve you well.

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Written by Sami Jarjour

The Co-Founder of Sports ON Tap & Host of "Stuff That Matters w/ Sami Jarjour" Podcast & Co-Host of "Pod That: Two Brothers Talkin' Sports"