Practical Strategies To Create Content For Sports Fans

Practical Strategies To Create Content For Sports Fans

According to Statista, avid sports fans in the US are responsible for the hype surrounding teams. Again, Statista indicated that persons between 35 and 44 years make up 35% of avid fans in the age group category. This is closely followed by 18 to 34-year olds who make up 33%. Due to the colossal interest in sports, it becomes imperative to actively engage fans. Below are some suggested ways to do this without losing your team’s following. 


  1. Insightful sports podcasts and radio shows


According to the latest podcast statistics, close to 144 million Americans listen to podcasts daily. Meanwhile, the minimum number of minutes 100 people listen to these podcasts is half an hour. Regarding sports podcasts, statistics once again indicate that 7% of 35 and 44-year olds listen to their favorite sports podcasts without interruption. Going by these stats, it is easy to say that creating a podcast can be an excellent way to generate content for sports fans. Again, many sports fans listen to radio shows to learn more about their favorite teams, judging by the tremendous interest.

So, what goes into the sports podcast and radio show content? First of all, fans love to hear news about their teams, sports personalities, etc. Therefore, this can be a great way to generate content. If possible, you can book podcast dates with these loved sports personalities. That alone can increase your ratings by 50% if well-publicized. Indeed, there are several sports podcasts on iTunes and other channels, making the turf extremely competitive. However, timing, rich content, and excellent marketing can be your key driving forces.


2. Create customized team jerseys, T-shirts, etc.


It is not uncommon to see sports fans don their favorite team’s jerseys or T-shirts. For decades, this has been common practice for sports teams and their fans. Especially in baseball, you will find most lovers of the game wearing their baseball tee shirts to showcase their affinity for the game. Others also have images of the batting tee on these shirts to display their love for this hardball game.


3. Fun quizzes


Facts and statistics always form the foundation for sports quizzes. The records set, historical elements, news about team restructuring, etc., all become excellent trivia for sports fans. The thing is, in sports fandom, competition and pride are common. It drives many sports fans to want to show off their knowledge about their teams. In another breath, these fans interpret it as allegiance to their respective teams. Therefore, failure to know these things could be unsettling for an avid fan.

Since you are in the process of generating content for these fans, you may want to factor in a reward scheme as well. These could be souvenirs or memorabilia that evoke great emotions in fans. It should be something worth ‘fighting’ for during the quiz. While creating a reward scheme for sports quizzes is not always required, you may want to do something different and worthwhile. With some observation, you will realize that sponsors offer these sports quizzes with mouth-watering rewards. Indeed, this tends to build even greater interest in these fun quizzes.

In your case, you can choose to display images of sports quiz winners on the team’s social media pages. Without a doubt, that will be a sports fan’s heaven. Indeed, content generation can be engaging if you commit some thought and creativity to it.

Written by Sami Jarjour

The Co-Founder of Sports ON Tap & Host of "Stuff That Matters w/ Sami Jarjour" Podcast & Co-Host of "Pod That: Two Brothers Talkin' Sports"

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