Russell Wilson’s Profile Pictures Cause A Stir Of Course….

Russell Wilson Profile Picture

It’s been a long week as a Seattle Seahawks fan and a Russell Wilson defender. I’ve been saying for quite some time that I truly believe Wilson is staying with the Seahawks. Last year when all the offseason drama happened, I thought that was probably the worst it would get, once he stayed, once he started to commit to the Seahawks again I thought all the drama was over. I might be right, but I was wrong about the drama.

Do I still think Russell Wilson is going to be the Seahawks? Yes. But the drama has continued regardless. We all know the media in general is posting daily pictures of Russell Wilson in different jerseys, the Saints, the Broncos, the Steelers, etc. etc. Of course on top of that, Russell Wilson decided to take his Seahawks profile pictures on Twitter and Instagram down, and change it to a picture of him and his dad, then later in the week to a picture of his family.

Most people would say… ok why does that matter? Well, it doesn’t but to some people it does. This caused a stir in the social media world. I am going to guess it mostly wasn’t Seahawks fans, but so many people online and in the media thought that meant he was gone… I had other thoughts…

Of course, guess what happens? The next day Russell Wilson changes his instagram picture back to him in Action Green uniforms… So he is a Seahawk again right?!

This is a prime example to not let athletes on social media make you think too hard, the guy changed some pictures daily, to family and different things… Shouldn’t be a big deal and it’s not. He is staying in Seattle, don’t trip.


Written by @SamiONTap

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