Why Are Team Sports Good For You?

Why Are Team Sports Good For You?

Taking part in a team sport isn’t something that everyone will enjoy. Swimming, running, or weightlifting, for example, are popular solo activities. However, playing team sports has been demonstrated to be beneficial, even if it’s done on a less-than-regular basis. If you want to learn more about the advantages of participating in a team sport, keep reading to find out why you should start exploring this option when it comes to the way you exercise and have fun. 

It Feels Good To Be Part Of A Team

Being a member of a group has a positive impact on your wellbeing. Team sports are an excellent opportunity to meet new people and form new friendships, which can positively impact your mental health. It’s also nice to be able to celebrate wins and agonize over losses with your teammates, even if you aren’t playing at a professional level. In other words, it feels good to be part of a team. 

 Increases Your Overall Health 

Everyone has to get into a healthier fitness regimen if they want to combat the epidemic of obesity that is plaguing the country. Team sports are an excellent way to improve your general health and wellbeing. You’ll not only look and feel better, but you’ll also reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases like:

  • Heart disease 
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis 
  • High blood pressure 

When we talk about overall health, we mean your mental health as well, as mentioned above. 

You Are Accountable 

When you exercise by yourself and just have yourself to answer to, it might be all too tempting to miss the gym every now and then or to remain indoors instead of going for a run or riding your bike (especially as the weather starts to get colder). If there is no one to remind you why you decided to exercise in the first place and no one to help you feel motivated, you may fall into unhealthy habits and eventually quit exercising. After all, that’s the easiest option, so it’s the one we’re naturally inclined to follow. 

This cannot happen when you are part of a team. Others will constantly be around to motivate you to practice and keep you responsible for your activities. If you don’t show up to training, you’re not just disappointing yourself but also the rest of the squad. 

You’ll Have Better Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a vital component of achieving success in life, yet it is fragile and quickly broken. Playing in a team will boost your self-esteem, especially if you use healthy supplements from to help you achieve more. You’ll be proud of your efforts and want to do more to demonstrate to your teammates that you’re working hard for them. 

Your self-esteem and self-confidence will develop, and you will be able to use that improved self-esteem and self-confidence in all aspects of your life. This might be pushing you to finally apply for a new job that will make you happy and improve your lifestyle, it could be giving you the confidence to start a new hobby, or it might be something else entirely. The point is, when you’re more confident, you’ll have more opportunities in life, and this can all stem from playing in a team. 

Written by Sami Jarjour

The Co-Founder of Sports ON Tap & Host of "Stuff That Matters w/ Sami Jarjour" Podcast & Co-Host of "Pod That: Two Brothers Talkin' Sports"

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