College Football Playoffs
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Free Money Fives: NFL Week 17 & CFB Picks

Gambling is hard. There’s a reason casinos continue to pop up, and that Las Vegas continues to grow. Most people, do not win in gambling. Well, I try to not be one of those people. We were horrible last week.

The reason I call this Free Money Five’s (I hope so). We got 5 picks in college and 5 picks in the NFL against the spread. So let’s continue our road to 56%. Here are some of my best picks for college football and the NFL against the spread.

College Football

Alabama -13.5 vs Cincinatti

Alabama is going to roll through Cincinnati and it’s going to get so messy they will need tide. (pun all intended)

Michigan +7.5 vs Georgia

The Jim Harbaugh sucks crowd will have a tough day.

Season Record: 39-31 

National Football League

Colts – 6.5 vs Raiders

Colts physically will push around the Raiders.

Falcons +14.5 vs Bills

Falcons are basically playing for their playoff lives.

Ravens +3.5 vs Rams

The Ravens are also playing for their playoffs lives.

Steelers +3 vs Browns

Last home game in the career of Big Ben will play with emotion.

Chiefs -5 @ Bengals

Bengals are going to finally hit a snag here against a very good Chiefs team.

Season Record: 36-42-2

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