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Spread Option NFL Week 16

Spread Option Sports Betting
Spread Option Sports Betting

Merry Picks-mas! Ho ho ho, have we got a special surprise for all of the good little boys and girls out there! We’re joined by the incomparable George Jarjour (@GeorgeOnTap) to break down the full slate of action for NFL Week 16. Last week, some folks on the naughty list got Covid in their stocking, uh I mean, coal, and really threw a wrench in the playoff hopes for teams like the Browns, Washington Football Team, and Titans. While we wish everyone a speedy recovery, Week 16 also appears to be a mystery as to who will actually take the field come kickoff. If you need a more educated opinion, listen to the latest and greatest podcast right now! Also, keep your ears perked up for a very special emergency Lock of the Week! Ho ho ho!

Link is below or available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts!

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