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Welcome to the newest segment of Pod That: Two Brothers Talking Sports .  We are about a quarter of the way through the NBA season so we are introducing a new segment from our podcast that we will be doing on a weekly basis.

They are the King (who they think is the best player/performer), the Jack (the young upcoming player that is playing best), and the Joker (someone who is playing bad or is just a straight up clown). This episode of the podcast we did our quarter season 3 cards, but we’ll start doing weekly awards. Here is each person’s 3 cards. You choose who has a better hand.

The rules are pretty simple each one of the hosts will of the podcast George Jarjour & Sami Jarjour will rotate on a weekly basis and give out three NBA storylines. The other co-host will have to guess whether the person who presented thinks that the storyline is a lie (BS) or Ball (true). In week 1 of BS or Ball George Jarjour presented his three NBA storylines:

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