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Conte Ball!! Tottenham Defeat Brentford

Antonio Conte’s Spurs 3 Points Versus Brentford

Wait could it be? Was Tottenham Hotspur Twitter actually in a positive spot today? Yes, oh yes, it was. Tottenham Hotspur got another 3 points in the Premier League under Antonio Conte making it 7 points in 3 matches in the Premier League under the Italian manager and 6 points in 2 Premier matches at home. Tottenham not only got another 3 points but the team actually look inspired, looked like it was having fun and looked like they cared.

I can’t say I am not absolutely pumped at the moment. As a Tottenham Hotspur supporter the last few years have been a bit of a clusterfuck to say the least. And this season the beginning under Nuno Espiroto were some of the most boring games I have watched in my lifetime. But today? Well that was the definition of Conteball, and I absolutely loved it. And so did Tottenham Hotspur Twitter. A great well deserved 3 points by the lads and yes I know Harry Kane didn’t bag himself a goal but his effort and play led directly to the 2nd goal by Son. We are not sitting just behind 4th place and a Champions League spot. Simply COME ON YOU SPURS.

Today’s podcast episode as usual George Jarjour goes through Twitter and highlights some of his favorite tweets and moments he saw during the Brentford match. All the tweets from the match are embedded below. And all our Tottenham Hotspurs coverage can be found on our Spurs On Tap Page.

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