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Week 13 NFL Mascot Matchup Battle

Week 13 NFL Mascot Matchup Battle

NFL mascots are some of the most fun recognizable mascots in all of sports. Here at the Sports On Tap we decided on anchor podcast “Pod That: Two Brothers Talking Sports” with the Jarjour brothers that we would on our weekly NFL podcast that we’d preview games with one caveat in mind. It’s just a battle of the mascots. What would a Eagle do versus a Bronco? How would a Cowboy fare versus a Jaguar? These are pressing questions that we answer on our weekly NFL pod.

Here Are Our Week 13 NFL Mascots Matchups

Cowboys @ Saints 

The Cowboys usually have weapons. The Saints mascot is a dog. Give us the Cowboys.

Giants @ Dolphins

This one is tough. This actually makes no sense. So we went with a executive decision and said bigger is better. Give us the Giants.

Colts @ Texans

I think a bunch of Texans would probably beat a group of horses. Give us the Texans.

Vikings @ Lions

Vikings were mean. They used to do some effed up stuff. Give us the Vikings.

Eagles @ Jets

Theoritically speaking if a Eagle ran into a Jet in the air the eagle would probably not survive. Give us the Jets.

Cardinals @ Bears

A bear is a much tougher animal than a bird. Give us the Bears.

Chargers @ Bengals

A lightning bolt would probably take care of a tiger. Give us the Chargers.

Buccaneers @ Falcons

A group of pirates would take care of a bird with ease. Give us the Buccaneers

Jaguars @ Rams

The only natural predator that can kill a Jaguar is a anaconda. The Ram is not an anaconda. Give us the Jaguars.

Football Team @ Raiders

Raiders have weapons more than just playing football. Give us the Raiders.

Ravens @ Steelers

This is sadly easy. A Steeler would smash a bird. Steelers win.

49ers @ Seahawks

This would not make any sense either way. We are homers. Give us the Seahawks.

Broncos @ Chiefs

Chiefs ride horses. Easy. Chiefs win.

Patriots @ Bills 

Bills are probably stronger than a bunch of people who just love their country. Bills win.

Mascot Record: 25-34-1 


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