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Week 12 NFL Mascot Matchup Battle

NFL mascots are some of the most fun recognizable mascots in all of sports. Here at the Sports On Tap we decided on anchor podcast “Pod That: Two Brothers Talking Sports” with the Jarjour brothers that we would on our weekly NFL podcast that we’d preview games with one caveat in mind. It’s just a battle of the mascots. What would a Eagle do versus a Bronco? How would a Cowboy fare versus a Jaguar? These are pressing questions that we answer on our weekly NFL pod.


Here Are Our Week 12 NFL Mascots Matchups

Bears @ Lions

Had to google this but a bear would beat a lion. Bears win.

Raiders @ Cowboys

Raiders are good at going to people’s land and taking over. They are going to the land of the Cowboys and taking over. Raiders win.

Bills @ Saints

Whatever a Saint is a Bill beats it. Give us the Bills.

Buccaneers @ Colts

Pirates tend to d obetter in warmer climates. Indianpolis and horses are not warm climates are not ideal for Pirates. Give us the Colts.

Jets @ Texans

Airplanes would be beat a bunch of Texans. Give us the Texans.

Eagles @ Giants

A Eagle would fly into a Giant building. Give us the Giants in this matchup.

Panthers @ Dolphins

This is easy. Panthers can’t swim well. Give us the Dolphins.

Titans @ Patriots

Titans would beat a bunch of patriotic people. Give us the Titans.

Steelers @ Bengals

Bengals are fierce animals. This one was a little bit easy. Give us the Bengals.

Falcons @ Jaguars

The only natural predator that can kill a Jaguar is an Anacaonda. A Falcon is not a Anaconda. Give us the Jaguars.

Chargers @ Broncos

A lightning bolt would probably beat a horse right? Give us the Chargers.

Rams @ Packers

Rams are sneaky strong and vicious animals. Give us the Rams.

Vikings @ 49ers

Vikings were super bad-asses. They would destroy a bunch of miners. Give us the Vikings.

Browns @ Ravens

A dog would probably be more dangerous to a Raven then the opposite way around. Give us the Browns.

Seahawks @ Football Team

The Seahawks have this under control. Give us the Seahawks.

Season Record: 10-18-1 

Last week: 6-9


Mascot Record: 10-18-1 

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