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Week 11 NFL Mascot Matchup Battle

NFL mascots are some of the most fun recognizable mascots in all of sports. Here at the Sports On Tap we decided on anchor podcast “Pod That: Two Brothers Talking Sports” with the Jarjour brothers that we would on our weekly NFL podcast that we’d preview games with one caveat in mind. It’s just a battle of the mascots. What would a Eagle do versus a Bronco? How would a Cowboy fare versus a Jaguar? These are pressing questions that we answer on our weekly NFL pod.

Here Are Our Week 11 NFL Mascots Matchups

Patriots @ Falcons 

A human versus a bird? Come on now. This is easy give me the Patriots.

Colts @ Bills

This is pretty hard. But this is a horse versus a buffalo. I think a horse out runs a Buffalo? Give me the Colts. Despite this cool Buffalo picture.

Ravens @ Bears

LOL I feel bad for the matchup of a bird versus a bear. This seems easy. Give me the Bears.

Lions @ Browns

The king of the animal kingdom versus a brown? Umm. Give me the Lions.

Texans @ Titans

A great matchup here. We got gods versus the state of Texas? Give us the Titans.

Packers @ Vikings

People packing shit or a group of mad men with beards and weapons? Give us the Vikings.

Dolphins @ Jets

Planes can’t land well in the water. Give us the Dolphins.

Saints @ Eagles

God like things or a bird? Let’s go with god. Saints win.

Football Team @ Panthers

A football team or one of the world’s strongest cats? Cats. Panthers win.

49ers @ Jaguars

Literally the only natural predator to a Jaguar is a Anacanda. A 49er is not a Anacanda. Jaugars win.

Bengals @ Raiders 

I these Tigers would win. Bengals win.

Cowboys @ Chiefs

The classic Cowboys versus Indians matchup. Ahh the nostalgia if only it was on Thanksgiving. Give us the one with guns. Cowboys win.

Cardinals @ Seahawks

The Cardinal has to travel north here. The Seahawk is in it’s natural enviornment. Give us the Seahawks.

Steelers @ Chargers

Someone wearing iron could really attract lightning. Chargers win.

Giants @ Buccaneers 

Giant things can probably beat Pirates. Give us the Giants.

Mascot Record: 4-9-1 

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