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Week 11: 3 Stooges & 3 Kings: The Best And Worst Quarterbacks In The NFL

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Being a high level team in the National Football League usually means you have a high level quarterback. It goes hand and hand. Sure, sometimes teams get lucky and they end up having a mid-level or even bad quarterback and somehow they find success. But 99% of the time that’s not the base. Teams are willing to do ANYTHING to find that next high-level quarterback that can be the backbone of their team for years to come. So on Pod That we decided to take a look at the absolute worst quarterbacks and the absolute best quarterbacks in the league on a week to week basis and decide who are the Three Stooges of NFL Quarterbacks and Three Kings of the NFL Quarterbacks. So after week 4 of the NFL season here are our Three Stooges and Three Kings we put on our podcast:

Three Stooges

Jared Goff

Jared Goff man. We had a split decision here with Sami wanting him out and George wanting him in. We actually need to congratulate the dude a little bit this week. Instead of saying he’s lost every single game without Sean McVay as head coach we can now add a good old tie to his resume without Sean McVay. Somehow Goff only threw one interception and threw for under 150 yards in basically 5 quarters of football. Sorry Jared Goff you are a stooge!

Tyrod Taylor

Tyrod Taylor is not very good. Plain and simple. A bye week did not spare Tyrod Taylor from making this list. Sorry Tyrod Taylor you are a stooge!

Trevor Lawerence

This was another split decision with Sami wanting Lawerence here and George not wanting him here. Lawerence has not popped off the screen much this season. But there was a reason Jacksonville earned the number 1 pick in last years draft. Sorry Trevor Lawerence you are a stooge.

Three Kings

Patrick Mahomes

Hey welcome back Pat! Mahomes had been struggling a bit this season but a Sunday night performance with 5 touchdowns has valued back Patrick Mahomes into the three kings. All hail for the king Patrick Mahomes!

Josh Allen

According to Las Vegas Josh Allen is the front runner in the NFL MVP race. Allen has been good all season expect for one game against the Jaguars. All hail for the king Josh Allen!

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers didn’t actually play that well. But this has been a underwhelming week for the top tier NFL quarterbacks. All hail for the king Aaron Rodgers.

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