Spread Option NFL Week 11

Spread Option Sports Betting
Spread Option Sports Betting

If you’ve even casually paid attention to the last 3 weeks of NFL betting, you would know that the underdogs remain on top. Up is down, down is up, cats are laying down with dogs. It’s absolute madness out there! Not only are seeing some wild upsets, but I couldn’t believe the number of upsets in Week 10. The New England Patriots demolished the Cleveland Browns, who saw Baker Mayfield leave the game early due to injury. The Kansas City Chiefs, led by Patrick Mahomes, seemed to have re-found their mojo on offense and blew the doors off of the Las Vegas Raiders. Finally, Josh Allen and his Buffalo Bills appear to be back on track in the AFC East with a convincing win over the New York Jets. Confused on how week 11 will shake out? Look no further! We’ve got all the answers you could ever want, and more, on the latest episode of Spread Option NFL! Be sure to follow us for more on Twitter @spreadoption_

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