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Week 10 NFL Mascot Battle

Week 10 NFL Mascot Battle

NFL mascots are some of the most fun recognizable mascots in all of sports. Here at the Sports On Tap we decided on anchor podcast “Pod That: Two Brothers Talking Sports” with the Jarjour brothers that we would on our weekly NFL podcast that we’d preview games with one caveat in mind. It’s just a battle of the mascots. What would a Eagle do versus a Bronco? How would a Cowboy fare versus a Jaguar? These are pressing questions that we answer on our weekly NFL pod.

Here Are Our Week 10 NFL Mascots Matchups

Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins

A Raven is a mean bird. A Dolphin on the other hand? These animals are always smiling. The Ravens win.

Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets

A Bill in general would be hard to take down. What’s even harder? A airplane. Duh. The Jets win.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Washington Football Team

A bunch of pirates versus some football players. This is a mismatch. The Buccaneers win.

Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys

A Falcon is a pretty damn cool bird. But Cowboys have weapons. So I am sorry to the birds. The Cowboys win.

New Orleans Saints @ Tennessee Titans

This is the battle of the gods. However, a Titan is a bigger god. Or something like that. The Titans win.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts

Fun fact. The only natural predator that can kill a Jaguar is a anaconda. A colt is in fact, not a anaconda. The Jaguars win.

Detroit Lions @ Pittsburgh Steelers

So yes a Lion is the king of the jungle. If there was some snow in the forecast the Steelers would have a chance. But not this time. The Lions win.

Cleveland Browns @ New England Patriots

This is an even matchup. But it’s also veteran days weekend. So the Patriots win.

Minnesota Vikings @ Los Angeles Chargers

What can take down ship full of Vikings? Well lightning at sea. The Chargers win.

Carolina Panthers @ Arizona Cardinals

Yeah simple. The Panther is a mean cat. It would demolish a Cardinal. The Panthers win.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Denver Broncos

Has a Eagle ever killed a horse? Probably not. The Broncos win.

Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers

The Seahawk is a feisty bird. The Packers just pack shit. The Seahawks win.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Las Vegas Raiders

Raiders took over the land of the Chiefs. Simple as that. The Raiders win.

Las Angeles Rams @ San Francisco 49ers

The Ram is a sneaky animal. The miners have no chance. The Rams win.

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