Week 10: 3 Stooges & 3 Kings: The Best And Worst Quarterbacks In The NFL

NFL QB Rankings

Being a high level team in the National Football League usually means you have a high level quarterback. It goes hand and hand. Sure, sometimes teams get lucky and they end up having a mid-level or even bad quarterback and somehow they find success. But 99% of the time that’s not the base. Teams are willing to do ANYTHING to find that next high-level quarterback that can be the backbone of their team for years to come. So on Pod That we decided to take a look at the absolute worst quarterbacks and the absolute best quarterbacks in the league on a week to week basis and decide who are the Three Stooges of NFL Quarterbacks and Three Kings of the NFL Quarterbacks. So after week 4 of the NFL season here are our Three Stooges and Three Kings we put on our podcast:

Three Stooges

Jared Goff

Poor Jared Goff, he remains on the stooges list for another week despite not even playing a game this week. Jared Goff has been absolutely piss poor for the Lions this year and he still is winless in games not coached by Sean McVay in his career. For a number 1 overall draft pick, this has to be disappointing. Sorry Jared Goff, you are a stooge.

Taylor Heinicke

Taylor Heinicke  a nice backup option at the NFL. He can come in and spot you a nice game here or there. But he’s not a long term answer by any means. He finds himself in the stooge list. Sorry Taylor Heinicke, you are a stooge.

Sam Darnold

Man, this season started with so much promise for Sam Darnold. You really wanted to see his growth and maturation to a good starting quarterback. But Sam Darnold has been absolutely awful as of late and it appears he will be short lived on this list due to injury. And playing against the Patriots and Bill Belichick had him seeing ghosts again. Sorry Sam Darnold, you are a stooge.

Three Kings

Kyler Murray

Despite not playing last week due to an ankle injury, Kyler Murray remains on this list with controversy. We had a split decision between Murray and Aaron Rodgers that resulted in a coin flip that Murray won. All bow in the presence of a king for Kyler Murray.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady also did not play last week. But no one came and ripped his spot from the throne. Tom Brady is having one of his best seasons of his career at 44. All bow in the presence of a king for Tom Brady.

Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson has three comebacks of double digits points this season and has carried the Ravens to a 6-2 record. It’s simple, Lamar Jackson is scary good. All bow in the presence of a king for Lamar Jackson.

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