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Week 8 NFL Quarterback Power Rankings

NFL QB Rankings

Week 7 NFL is done. Sad, I know. But each and every week the good news is I publish my NFL Quarterback Power Rankings. Now Quarterback as we know might be the most crucial and important position in all of team sports, and probably if the whole entire world really (ok I maybe just the most important position in the whole United States), not just in sports like literally more important than the Pope.

But Here’s the thing with our weekly NFL quarterback power rankings I put my quarterbacks in to real estate tiers. Gary, Indiana is the worst, you do not want to live there. And New York City Penthouse being the best. After week 6 we had some surprises but nothing crazy. Click Here is last week’s rankings.

Before this week’s NFL Quarterback power rankings I want to mention. Aaron Rodgers is out because of COVID, and it turns out he was not vaccinated despite everyone thinking he was. What Aaron Rodgers did was selfish. And that’s the reason he has only one Super Bowl. Rodgers has been a selfish person his whole career, and this selfish move will probably cost the Packers homefield advantage throughout the playoffs which in result will end up with another season losing in the NFC championship game.

Here is my Week 8 NFL Quarterback Power Rankings:

Gary,  Indiana

32 Davis Mills – Houston Texans


31 Jared Goff – Detroit Lions


30  Taylor Heineke – Washington Football team


29 Geno Smith- Seattle Seahawks


28 Trevor Siemiean- New Orleans Saints


27 Jalen Hurts- Philadelphia Eagles


26 Ben Roethislberger – Pittsburgh Steelers


25 Teddy Bridewater- Denver Broncos


24 Tua Tagalivoia – Miami Dolphins


23 Matt White – New York Jets


22 Sam Darnold- Carolina Panthers

The Home’s With Potential


21 Justin Fields- Chicago Bears 


20 Trevor Lawerence- Jacksonville Jaguars 


19 Matt Jones- New England Patriots

Anchorage, Alaska


18 Daniel Jones- New York Giants


17 Jimmy Garapollo 

Omaha, Nebraska


16 Baker Mayfield – Cleveland Browns


15  Matt Ryan- Atlanta Falcons


14 Carson Wentz- Indianapolis Colts


13  Kirk Cousins- Minnesota Vikings


12 Ryan Tannehill- Tennessee Titans

Miami, Florida


11 Joe Burrow- Cincinnati Bengals 


10 Patrick Mahomes- Kansas City Chiefs 


9 Justin Herbert- Los Angeles Chargers


8 Derek Carr- Las Vegas Raiders


7 Matt Stafford- Los Angeles Rams


6 Dak Prescott- Dallas Cowboys

New York City Penthouse


5 Lamar Jackson- Baltimore Ravens


4 Josh Allen- Buffalo Bills


3 Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers


2 Kyler Murray- Arizona Cardinals


1 Aaron Rodgers- Green Bay Packers


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