Aaron Jones Recovers Lost Necklace With His Father’s Ashes

Aaron Jones Necklace

Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones lost something very valuable to him in the end zone during Monday Night Football. And that was a necklace that contained his father’s ashes. After one of his touchdown’s he flashed his necklace to the camera and it was in the shape of a football and had his father’s ashes in it. Well he ended up losing the necklace in the end zone and actually said his dad would be happy that his ashes were in the end zone.

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Well sometimes, good fortune does happen and Aaron Jones necklace was found in the end zone by the trainer. And Aaron Jones went on Twitter and announced that it was found:


For one, I can’t believe it fell off. I am sure Jones was aware of the necklace the whole night and was doing everything in his power to not lose what might be one of the most precious pieces of valuable in his life. And 2, I am surprised it was so hard to find. Maybe, I am under-estimating a football field. But since it is a black necklace shouldn’t it stick out a little bit in the midst of all the green? Anyways it probably doesn’t matter. What matters is that it was found because I can only imagine how upset I would be if I lost something so valuable to me in and my family. Aaron Jones sure seems to love his family and this is one of the best stories out there in a while. So on the latest episode of PodThat: Two Brothers talking sports we talked about the story of Aaron Jones losing his dad’s ashes and discussed how cool it was that they actually were able to retrieve it and return it to the Green Bay Packers running back.

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