Spread Option College Football 2021 Week 3

Spread Option NFL Week 4
Spread Option NFL Week 4

Another week is another week closer to confidence for the guys as they turned in average to sub-par Week 2 cards. B-Fox went 11-14 while B-Frank managed a 10-10 week. The biggest news is that not only did B-Fox lose his lock, but he got Clay Helton fired in the process. Surely, this week’s lock can’t be as bad can it? We shall see. The guys look at the three ranked-vs-ranked games in Week 3 with Alabama-Florida, Auburn-Penn State, and Arizona State-BYU. Look out for the trend in B-Fox’s picks here. After those games they get into their cards, B-Fox has a 28 game Week 3 card, while B-Frank is slowly working back from the disastrous Week 1 and took a modest 25 games.

B-Fox: 21-25
B-Frank: 23-30-1

B-Fox: 1-1 (1 HC firing)
B-Frank: 1-1 (0 HC firing)

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