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The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly – Chicago Bears Week 1

Chicago Bears Week 1
Chicago Bears Week 1

Just as the leaves begin to change their colors according to the laws of nature, so too must the Bears lose in prime time. It is inevitable, it is tradition. But despite the 3 hour long train wreck that was Sunday Night Football, there were rare glimmers of hope. That hope is primarily the hope that the Bears can go through a relatively painless rebuild led by Justin Fields, but it’s hope all the same. Let’s dive in:

The Good

While there wasn’t a lot of “Good” to take away from last night, there were a few things worth noting. Firstly, the run game has improved. David Montgomery took the lion’s share of carries but between him, Damien Williams, Justin Fields, and Marquise Goodwin (what was that triple option play call? Woof), the Bears rushed 24 times. For those keeping score at home, that’s as many rushes as the Browns had. In fact, the Browns had only 19 more yards on the ground than the Bears did last night. Also, the Bears 2 touchdowns came from designed run plays so even with a banged up offensive line, we have enough playmakers to be effective on the ground. However, we need to get to other aspects of the game…

The Bad

Playcalling. Plain and simple. The poor playcalling can really be boiled down into 2 major issues. The first is balance. The Bears were running the ball effectively to start the game but quickly abandoned it in the first half due to key missteps on defense (more on that later). Nagy gave into his basic instincts and decided to throw a lot, lot more when he was down a score. Which feeds into the second issue with his playcalling: passing routes. We summed this up nicely on twitter last night (@sontchicago)

Truly, there has been no evolution from the Trubisky Era. Far too many times did Nagy call for screens or flat routes, especially in critical moments of the game where we needed to get down field quickly. Andy Dalton, while no superstar, can attack deeper down the field than Mitch can but lacks his mobility. There’s no need for so many designed roll outs or boots. We signed so much speed at WR this offseason, let those guys go to work down field. Pessimsitcally, I don’t know if Justin Fields can make much of a difference in this regard. He has more arm than Dalton but the playcalling doesn’t seem to change based on who is QB1. I still maintain the hypothesis that Matt Nagy picked up bad clock management habits from Andy Reid (NOTORIOUSLY bad at managing clock) and those habits manifest as an inability to properly structure a drive. Time will tell if things improve. Speaking of improvement, I for one know where the Bears can improve…

The Ugly

The secondary. Not sure what else I can say here that hasn’t been said a million times on twitter. Bears are sorely missing Kyle Fuller. The defense as a whole looked a little shaky, except for stopping the run. Pass rush was mediocre at best. Although the $70 million man Robert Quinn got on the stat sheet with 1 tackle and 0.5 sacks! Eddie Jackson, where ya at? I think the fans know…


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