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What Are The Top 5 College Football Experiences?

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With the 2021 college football season getting into full swing and the return of most fans after a year filled with empty stadiums, many college football traditions return to their glory. College football is about the fans and the experience. Yes, of course, football is a big part of that and everything centers around the game. But, what drove a ton of fans away from the viewing experience last year was the lack of fans, the lack of energy and the lack of traditions. On the latest episode of Pod That: Two Brothers Talking Sports, they discussed what they believed were the top 5 best college football experiences:

5. Toomer’s Corner- Auburn University

A bunch of toilet paper rarely makes it way on a top 5 list. But if you know college football you know Auburn fans decorate the intersection of College Street and Magnolia Ave with a whole bunch of toilet paper.

4. Dotting The I- Ohio State University

To put a bow on the end of their pre game show the Ohio State Marching band transform into the shape of an “O” and an underclassman essentially puts an “I”.

3. Howard’s Rock- Clemson

The Clemson Tigers team rubs this rock before every game and runs down a hill to be introduced. It’s full of thrills. And to be clear it seems dangerous. Originally from Death Valley, Calif., Howard’s Rock is a piece of white flint that was given to longtime coach Frank Howard in the 1960s.

2. Enter Sandman – Virginia Tech University 

Controversy here with Enter Sandman. We were unable to find this on any other college football lists. But the Hokies entering the stadium in Blacksburg, Virginia sends goosebumps down our backs and arms every single time.

1. Sooner Schooner- Oklahoma

Just before every game, two horses named Boomer and Sooner lead an old wagon called Old Studebaker Conestoga onto the field. It’s the greatest tradition in college football.

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