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We Don’t Care About Your Awful Space Jam 2 Reviews

Space Jam 2 Reviews

LeBron James is following in Michael Jordan’s foot steps in the newest version of Space Jam which releases this weekend. And the reviews by movie experts are pouring in and the critics aren’t loving LeBron James and the Tune Squad.

Look here’s the thing. And don’t mind my ALL CAPS. But someone has to listen here. SPACE JAM IS A KID’S MOVIE/CARTOON AND IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE CRITICALLY ACLAIMED!!!! 

Ok now that I yelled that across the screen I just need get that off my chest. Space Jam was made for kids to enjoy. I was around 11 years old when the original Space Jam was released and if I was to rewatch it today I am sure I wouldn’t find it the most riveting plot, but that’s not the point. These movies are made for kids to enjoy and for kids to get a chance to see their hero (LeBron James) act and save the fucking world from aliens. That’s all! So no, it doesn’t need to be as critically acclaimed as a Al Pacino movie nor does it have to have a great plot. Space Jam 2 is going to be fun for kids and to me, that’s all that matters. On the latest episode of Pod That; the Jarjour brothers discussed why they don’t care what the critics say about Space Jam 2.


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