6 Incredibly Easy Ways To Keep Up With the Latest in Sports

As a sports fan, the news about your favorite teams or heroes is always a welcome one, whether it’s through reading articles online, listening to podcasts, or watching the news on TV.

A busy day-to-day schedule can prevent you from keeping up with the latest in sports, and this can be frustrating, especially if you’re a football or basketball lover, as you may miss important updates about your preferred teams or players.

However, with these seven straightforward ways missing a piece of action or news will be a thing of the past, regardless of how busy a life you lead.

Watch Highlights

Sports highlights are the best way to relive the actual events as they happened.

When you have a tight schedule that takes up most of your energy during the day, you may lack the physical and mental energy to watch live games as some of them can occur late at night after you’re asleep, while others in the wee hours of the morning before your wake up time.

It can affect your average performance when you decide to watch some of these games as you barely get sufficient rest to recharge.

Instead, you should maintain a stable balance between work and rest because you can always catch highlights once you watch ESPN online free, learn how, or use platforms such as YouTube.

Ensure you get accurate information, including match scores, manager’s comments, and other relevant news concerning a game, by only watching highlights from credible sources online.

Keep Up With Daily News

News provides a comprehensive report on the latest in sports, whether it’s in football, rugby, or basketball.

If you want never to miss crucial information on your sport of interest, find time to read news about it online, preferably after you wake up in the morning and just before you go to bed, as this is the time when most news websites update recent details.

You can also listen to news podcasts that go deeper and analyze the intricate details about matches or catch the daytime news on television during your off days, like weekends.

Once you find a station, website, or blog that provides daily, reliable sports news, make it your go-to place for the latest in sports.

Set Phone Alerts

There’s nothing worse for a sports fan than being unavailable during a matchday when two of your favorite teams play against each other.

However, thanks to technology and specifically the Smartphone, you can receive timely notifications on your phone depending on which team or player you want the latest about, provided you enter the correct phrases or words.

This can mean installing apps such as live scores to help you avoid spamming alerts on news that are not in your area of interest. With your phone at hand, keeping up with the latest in the world of sports becomes a breeze.

Browse Through Social Media

If you lack time to watch sports highlights, you can operate a social media account such as Facebook or Twitter, for example, where you can integrate sports news to appear on your daily feed.

The best part about social media is that you can access detailed sports information that you may not find elsewhere. This can be through a club’s social media page, comments made by loyal fans on their pages, or other people’s shares on their timelines.


For example, you can be the first to know when a team makes a signing as they initially announce it through their handles.

Subscribe to Newsletters

When you get caught up with work that requires you to access your email, this can be your chance to read about the latest happenings, provided you subscribe to websites that send regular and reliable sports information through daily or weekly newsletters.

There are different sports newsletters, some of which cover the entire spectrum of sport from tennis to football, NFL, basketball, and rugby, while others handle specific niches. Therefore, you must be precise when subscribing to avoid getting updates on an area that doesn’t pique your interest.

Use Betting Sites

If you gamble on sports outcomes, a betting site can be your source of information on games scores, and you can even watch some of the matches live as most gambling websites have a live streaming option.


Sport is among the very few interests that can spark such passion and rivalry from different people worldwide.

As a fan, being updated on recent events is crucial, especially when it involves your favorite teams or players. You can use the methods above to keep up with the latest in sports anywhere and anytime.

Written by Sami Jarjour

The Co-Founder of Sports ON Tap & Host of "Stuff That Matters w/ Sami Jarjour" Podcast & Co-Host of "Pod That: Two Brothers Talkin' Sports"

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