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This Year’s Real Madrid is Zidane’s Greatest Achievement

Zinedine Zidane has won the Spanish league twice, 3 Champions Leagues, and a plethora of other domestic and European trophies.  Yet, for all this man’s coaching accomplishments, Zidane is never discussed as one of the truly elite managers.

Well it is about damn time we put some respect on this man’s name.  And I’m not talking about the respect you earn from headbutting the shit out of an Italian scumbag who talks crap about your mother in a World Cup Final.  I’m talking about legitimate respect from being a world class manager and tactician.

Covid and injuries have ravaged Madrid this year.  Yet, look at where they currently stand:

  • 1 point off first in La Liga with 9 matches remaining
  • 1-0-1 versus Atletico Madrid
  • 2-0-0 versus Barcelona
  • Semifinalists in the Champions League

Pretentious British pundits love to talk about how Madrid sucks and they are terrible in comparison to their past teams with Ronaldo.  Sure, they may be a little worse, but this team is still damn good.  You watch them play and you realize these players are technically impeccable on the ball.  This has always been the case, yet now, everything else is coming together.  The team works extremely hard off the ball and loves playing defense (the new Atletico??).  Furthermore, our signings from past years are starting to fulfill their potential (think Vinicius, Lucas, Fede, and Eder Militao).  This can be largely credited to Zidane, and his ability to instill confidence into his men.

Are things perfect? No.

Ramos and Varane are still out and at least Ramos is questionable for the semis.  Carvajal should be playing again soon, but how close is he to reaching full-match fitness?  Vinicius is still working on being the best decision maker.  Asensio is also working on getting back to 100%.  The loss of Lucas for the year is a massive blow.  If Madrid lose to Chelsea, it will be because we cannot field Lucas or Carvajal in the RB position.

Nevertheless, the fact that the aforementioned worries are our biggest problems, means Zidane has Madrid back to where they are supposed to be: near the top of the European elite.  I have not felt this good about a Real Madrid squad since Ronaldo left the club, and that my friends, is a wonderful thing.

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