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Sports Lessons Parents Give Their Kids Is The Content We All Need

When we watch professional athletes, we tend to lose ourselves in the performance and forget about the cooperative meaning of sports. In every drop of sweat, there’s a team that comes together. And that is the lesson of today! We want to raise our hats to all the active parents who are teaching their kids the joys of sports. 

Of course, we have all seen parents practice their lifting routine with young children, or keep a small yoga mat for their toddlers. It’s always a happy sight that shows that keeping fit as a parent doesn’t mean you have to choose between me-time and time with the kids. But some parents are going even further by sharing a special moment with their kids. 

Working out together is not only playful, but it also gives parents the chance to build unforgettable memories and life lessons with their children. And today, all the content we need is those young athletes enjoying themselves with mom and dad. Because you don’t need to be a pro to enjoy sports and make it a happy and healthy family routine. So let’s rejoice in the victories of these young and enthusiastic players.

The Homeruns dad and his toddler

Watch this little guy discover the joys of baseball with his dad. Pitch after pitch, the little kid watches his dad hit homeruns off him. The toddler shows surprising coordination for his young age, and while he hasn’t yet figured out how to trick his dad, he’s already showing all the skills you want in a pitcher. He may not be the best pitcher on the field, yet, but just give him a few years. We’ve got no doubt that this little guy will grow up into a strong and strategic pitcher. Why so? Because he’s learning everything from dad. He’ll soon start to realize that the way he throws the ball can make a huge difference. He’s already got the move right, and we can’t wait to see how he develops. 

Who says golf isn’t for kids?

What is the right age to start golfing? A lot of parents are unsure about it. Many wait until their kid is a fully-grown teenager to introduce them to the many joys of a green course. The idea that you can’t hit an 18-hole course as a young child is incorrect. Check how Chris Winkel teaches his then 5-year-old son how to improve his swing. Judging by his technique, young Luke already has had plenty of practice, and it’s fair to say that his swing is more accurate than many adults’. Luke is already packing a lot of power and an amazing eye for aim in his moves. We can safely assume that under the supervision of dad, he’ll develop into a talented player. If you are looking for an opportunity to follow the Winkel family on the green, the Laurel Ridge golf course offers a unique experience for enthusiasts. You can check the venue on their website There are also introductory and private courses available, so it could be just the right thing for a bonding weekend with the kids.  

Running with the kids can be fun

More and more parents are considering starting or maintaining a running routine with the kids. You’ve probably seen a few runners push a baby jogger in front of them on the road. Running with kids can be hugely rewarding. But what a lot of parents don’t realize is that it’s also a fantastic bonding activity. A child who grows up watching you run is more likely to pick up the habit and want to join you on your next round. Of course, young kids may not be able to keep up with you. But you can cheat a little by introducing frequent stops and finding fun things to keep them entertained. 

Dad climbs with his toddler

The story of young Jaxon, a 3-year-old toddler in the UK, is inspiring to say the least. The little guy has already climbed Britain’s three highest mountains and he hasn’t even started school yet. Jaxon completed 20 hours of walking and 23 miles distance without needing any assistance from his parents. The little one was motivated to challenge himself to raise money in the memory of his best friend who died of cerebral palsy. We find it a wonderful lesson of perseverance, and it even brings a tear to our eyes. Young Jaxon is a mountain superstar, and we can’t wait to see which challenge the young athlete decides to tackle next. 

It’s time to sit back and enjoy some inspirational sports with these young kids. Who knows? This could encourage you to start something similar with your kids! 

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Written by Sami Jarjour

The Co-Founder of Sports ON Tap & Host of "Stuff That Matters w/ Sami Jarjour" Podcast & Co-Host of "Pod That: Two Brothers Talkin' Sports"