Essentials To Remember When Going On a Hunting Trip

As the man of the house, you have a lot on your plate daily, not to take anything away from your partner, but men do need a break with the boys now and again. There’s something special about spending early mornings and late nights with friends who could last a lifetime. This doesn’t mean you can’t take your family with you on a hunting experience that they’ll remember for life. When the excitement of your next hunting trip starts kicking in, it’s easy to overlook some essential items that you’ll need on your hunting expedition, so let’s look at what you should remember when going hunting. 

Warm Clothing 

Seeing as the best time for hunting is usually in the winter season, you can be assured of some cold temperatures on your trip. Especially more so considering that you’ll be walking around in the wild at very early times in the morning. Ensuring you’re dressed as warm as possible and maintaining a certain amount of comfort as you’ll be walking for a while. 


Whether you’re only shooting at potential food or your planning on shooting and adjusting your firearm, it’s a great idea to always pack extra ammunition. Ammunition could be one of the critical items to remember, as, without it, you won’t get much hunting done. When you want to shoot and adjust your firearms scope, it’s a must that you bring more ammunition than you plan to use. You never know how long it will take until you’re confident with your rifle, especially if it’s a new one. 

Ear Protection

When firing a standard rifle, the shot’s noise can go up to about 155.5 decibels, normal conversation is 55 decibels, and louder noises get to about 90 decibels. Anything above 120 decibels can give you immediate hearing problems, so shooter hearing protection is incredibly important. It can be the difference between hearing and hearing bad for the rest of someone’s life, so why take the chance. According to specialists, most noises which cause go beyond 120 decibels hearing aid should be used. 


Many people underestimate the importance of sunscreen when spending most of their time outdoors. If you’re talking animals, maybe leave the sunscreen off until you get back to camp, wild animals tend to have a great sense of smell, and the scent of sunscreen would most likely chase them away from you. But while you’re not hunting, ensure you make use of sunscreen to protect yourself against sunburns.

These trips will turn into memories for the rest of your life; make sure to take lots of photos and ensure you’re doing it for the right reason when you’re hunting. Before hunting, try to do some research and find butchers who can assist with the affordable processing of meats and storing it in cold rooms. Leaving meat out in the sun is never a great idea, so ensure you treat it correctly and prevent it from spoiling before you can use it. 

Written by Sami Jarjour

The Co-Founder of Sports ON Tap & Host of "Stuff That Matters w/ Sami Jarjour" Podcast & Co-Host of "Pod That: Two Brothers Talkin' Sports"

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