Why You Should Go Ice Fishing At Least Once

Winter sports may not have appealed to you before now, but when you realize just how much fun you can have outside rather than inside, you will be buying into winter sports without a problem. From skiing to snowshoeing, ice skating to ice hockey, being out in the air to take part in a sport is nothing short of a lot of fun!

One sport that you should be looking at trying is ice fishing. At least once in life you should be able to stand and catch fish and take in the sights while you do it. Of course, being out in the world ice fishing means that you need to be suitably equipped. You need fishing poles, the best ice fishing boots, the right coat and hat and even the right gloves. Being out in the snow and ice means that you are pushing yourself to the max with your endurance, and you need to feel comfortable as best you can. There are plenty of locations to go ice fishing, but you need to plan this trip for December or January as this is when the ice is the thickest! So, with that in mind, here are some of the best reasons that you need to go ice fishing at least once in life.

  • Going outside. When the weather is exceptionally chilly, it’s tempting to stay inside and not go anywhere. However, when you have an exciting sport to look forward to, you can get rid of that cabin fever and get out into the world. Winter can give you the chance to get out and do something that gives you purpose, and fishing is fun! It’s an achievement to catch a fish in a regular fishing lake, never mind a frozen space that’s icy cold! You can get out of the house and breathe fresh air when you choose to ice fish in the winter months!
  • Anyone can do it. If you’ve never been fishing before and are apprehensive about ice fishing, you don’t need to be. Ice fishing is a great time for beginners and eventually you’ll get better at it. The only thing that you need which is different is an ice auger, but other than that, you can make it your new winter sport to do with your friends! Learn from the best out there and you’ll be catching baskets of fish from the ice – and you can catch and release, too!
  • You can tailgate! One of the most fun things about fishing – and ice fishing – is beyond the actual fishing part of the fun. You can park up, bring a camping stove and food and just get into it with your friends. Talk their ears off and laugh together for a change of pace. Tailgating is just as fun as fishing and as long as you can bring everything with you and you have room for it on the sled, you’re good.
  • It’s for the whole family. The entire family can join in the ice fishing fun – so when you want to bring the kids, wrap them up well!

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