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7 Swing Secrets Every New Golfer Should Know

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One thing that’s no secret is that golf isn’t exactly an easy game for beginners. It can take a while to develop certain skills, but if you persevere, you can definitely have some fun along the  way. Spring is the ideal season to go out on the green and get some practice in. As well as mastering all types of terrain on the course and the different shots that come with it, you’ll need to keep your mental game in check too. The last thing you want to do is lose your cool as it could completely throw you off. Fortunately, there are few secrets every new golfer should know to get started.

Everybody needs lessons

It’s always a good idea to get lessons. It even crosses the mind of experienced golfers. Nothing helps more to brush up your skills than practical lessons from an instructor, and this is one of the thoughts of every bad golfer. Look into booking a course of lessons so you can learn the basics, you can then start playing a few short games and getting practice on the green.

Wearing the right gear helps

Golfing gear isn’t only so you’ll look the preppy part while playing but it also helps you get in the right mindset. Golfing gloves in particular are very important. They prevent your hands from slipping on the club and work for even the most nervous of players. Here is the best golf glove for sweaty hands available on the market at the moment.

You should select the club based on your ability

There are various types of golf clubs for different shots. Eventually, you’ll need to master all of them but while you’re learning it’s best to select the club based on your ability. At the end of the day, if you’re playing with your friends, the most important thing is the score, not who’s got the best collection of clubs. Choose clubs for beginners such as hybrids, and even think about using a softer ball that will work better with shorter clubs.

Set-up is more important than swing

If you do take golfing lessons you’ll find that you’ll spend a lot of time listening to your instructor correcting your stance. This is because the set-up is the most important thing when you’re first starting out. You need to work on your stance, posture, and grip. Here are some golf stance tips to give you an idea. After a while, you can adjust these according to what feels natural to you and the type of shot. 

Keeping your cool is key

One thing that can really throw even professional golfers off their game is their temper. A mood swing is the only kind of swing you don’t want on a golf course. Keeping your cool is key to performing that perfectly controlled shot. Remember to be patient, clear your mind, and try to get in the zone. Focus on your stance, your alignment, and the tempo of your swing rather than your opponent’s winning score. Even if you miss, you certainly won’t be the first person to make a fool out of themselves on the golf course that day. Relax and have fun.

You can count down your swing

There is actually a golf swing tempo that you can count in your head. Your backswing should be three times as long as your downswing. However slow you take your swing try to remember this tempo. It will help you get into the right rhythm and give the correct amount of power to the shot. Understanding how to use the right tempo will also help you master that perfect follow-through.

Different terrain has different challenges

It will take time to learn how to shoot from all areas of the course. Try to get a range of practice on the chipping green so you can learn the challenges of different terrain. This includes bunker shots, flop shots, and bump and runs. There are different techniques you need to master for each. Here are some tips for bunker shots, for example, that recommend you vary your setup and the angle of the club when compared to other types of shots. 

Golf is a highly-skilled sport, but like pretty much anything else it just takes practice. Get out on the green as often as you can and hone your skills. After putting in the time, it’s that much more satisfying when you get it right. Embrace the great outdoors and get to work.

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