5 Top Sports Professions

5 Top Sports Professions

Looking for ways you can still be involved in sports without being an athlete at a competitive or amateur level is a great way for you to pursue your passion for sports but at a less physical level than following this career path for your future. Be it from injury or illness or not simply wanting to be the main player, there are plenty of job roles you can take up within the sporting sector.


There are many teaching roles in sports. Be it directly with a team assisting in the progression of skills and physical health. or at the high school and college level in the classroom. Assisting as a learning specialist such as Jason Tomlinson of Texas or becoming a coach can help you put your knowledge to good use and still be hands-on without participating yourself. To do this, you will need to gain further qualifications to allow you to take on these roles and learn how to work with children and young people to hone their skills and at a level appropriate for their age and ability.


Many athletes who play sports will follow their passion in the medical field. Most commonly, they will enter the speciality of physiotherapy. Using their first-hand knowledge of participating and what works to aid recovery will serve them well as they train as physiotherapists within the sport. 

You will need an undergraduate degree or masters in a relating subject to qualify to study for a masters in physiotherapy.


those with a passion for writing and who can spin a good story with words can move into sports journalism. Watching sports, putting your knowledge to good use and analysing gameplay can be a fulfilling career you can train in and follow through for your future. Once you have gained your qualifications, you can choose to go and work for a newspaper, website, Tv station or even decide to start your own website discussing local and national games in a variety of different sports.

Marketing and PR

Got a taste for how the players at the top live and want to stay immersed in this area? Top-flight athletes need PR companies and management to help them get the best deal at the club they are with, find new deals, move clubs and more. This is perfect for those with an outgoing, confident nature who knows how the world of commercialised sports and its athletes work. In most cases, you will need to gain knowledge and experience in both sports, how big money clubs do business and in PR itself. You will need to work up through the ranks before you find yourself in big leagues working with stars at the top of their game.

Sports Photographer

If you have an eye for photography and can work a good camera angle, there is a big market for sports photographers who can capture the perfect in-game shot to help promote the team, the game and the athlete themselves. You can work as a freelance photographer, or you can work within the journalism industry itself for a news outlet or be a team photographer.

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