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Anthony Davis Has A Long List Of Injury History

Anthony Davis Career Injuries

Anthony Davis had a huge scare as many feared the worst when he went out with an Achilles injury. The Los Angeles Lakers avoided ultimate disaster as Anthony Davis will return this season as he had an Achilles and calf strain and no structural damage. This is the 26th injury in Anthony Davis’s career and he has avoided having any MAJOR injuries.

Our co-founders & brothers, George & Sami Jarjour discussed on their latest podcast, Ep. 699, which can be played on Spotify below, or here for all other platforms:

During his career here are the injuries that Anthony Davis has suffered and we do have to add a few more during his time with the Lakers to this extensive list:

In his first season with the Lakers he was diagnosed with a sacral contusion above his tailbone. And he has this Achilles and Calf injury. The Lakers are betting on a healthy AD and if he can avoid any major injuries that would be a blessing for the team. The Jarjour Brothers discussed on the latest episode of PodThat:

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