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Russell Wilson And Patrick Mahomes Both Failed To Beat Tom Brady In The Super Bowl Year 3

Russell Wilson Patrick Mahomes

It appears Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes share a few thing in common as being great young quarterbacks with bright futures. Yes, Mahomes is younger but both are either relatively young in QB years. But one thing they both have in common? Well, the way they lost to Tom Brady in their 3rd year as NFL starter and both in the Super Bowl. What makes them even more eerily similar is the paths they took.

Our co-founders & brothers, George & Sami Jarjour discussed on their lasted podcast which can be played on Spotify below, or here for all other platforms:

Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes both lost in the playoffs their first year as a starter, won the Super Bowl in the 2nd year as a starter and then lost to Tom Brady in year three as a starter in the Super Bowl. In the latest episode of Pod That we discussed the similarities and whether or not we should shoe in the Chiefs as Super Bowl participants next season.

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