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Kale Versus Ketchup, Brady Versus Mahomes, The Super Bowl Is Set

Tom Brady Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl

Tom Brady we already know is incredible. And the more I think about what this man has accomplished the more far fetched it seems. After the win I joked that I am now a firm believer in the TB12 method. Kale and Avocado ice cream diet from here on out. It seems like the way to go as Brady reached his 10th Super Bowl in 21 years.

Later in the afternoon Patrick Mahomes took care of business and we have the matchup of our dreams. To put this in other sports terms this would be like LeBron James squaring off against Michael Jordan in the NBA Finals. Truly a match up made in heaven. The Chiefs open up as 3 point favorite in Tampa Bay. But with Tom Brady and the Buccaneers being the first team to play in their home stadium in a Super Bowl.. anything is possible, even at 43.

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