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Free Money Fives: Super Wild Card And National Championship Edition

Super Wild Card Weekend and the College football playoffs are here. George Jarjour attempts to finally get above .500 on the NFL season.


College Football Pick


Ohio State (+8) vs Alabama

Alabama wins this game but everyone has counted out Ohio State. I expect Ohio State to keep it close but Alabama to come out on top.

Season: 28-38-1

Playoffs: 0-2


Colts @ Bills (-6)

Phil Rivers can’t keep up with Bills offense. Bills roll.

Tampa bay (-8) @ Washington 

Washington seems like a sleeper pick but I can’t find it in my guts to pick them.

Ravens (-3.5) @ Titans

Biggest game in Lamar’s career. This feels like a pivotal moment and I think the Ravens get it done.

Bears (+10) @ Saints

My upset alert of the week is here. The Bears will beat the Saints.

Browns @ Steelers (-6)

I really feel bad for the Browns. They had a chance here I thought but COVID hit.

Rams vs Seahawks (-3.5)

Seahawks win but this game will be a bit sloppier than expected but the Seahawks will win.

Playoffs: 0-0

Season: 41-42-2

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