How To Avoid Winter Sports Injuries

We’re in the middle of winter and about to head into two more months of it, which can mean getting outside and playing sports a little difficult for a lot of people. There are some winter sports out there like snowboarding and skiing that are popular through the winter months, but often, you need to ensure that you do everything that you can to avoid any injuries over the winter itself.

While you may seriously consider investing a little money in  ATV rentals for your local baseball field, you need to also consider that playing sports in the winter can be dangerous. Unless you are specifically playing a sport designed for ice and snow, you have to be careful! Dusting off the snowshoes may not be enough, so let’s take a look at some of the tips that you need for winter sports to be a good idea for you!

  • Always Go With Others. If you’re planning to go skiing or ice hockey, you need to make sure that you’re indulging in these sports with others. Going alone is a recipe for disaster: you need to be together in case of an accident and the rest of those around you can react quickly as a result. Going it alone for winter sports is only a good idea if you tell people where you are, you bring equipment to be seen and found and you are prepared for anything to happen.
  • Warm Up & Hydrate. You have to stretch enough before you engage in any sports. If you were playing summer baseball, you’d warm up before a match, right? Well, it’s no different when you go skiing or sledding. Physical activity requires you to be in good shape and winter sports are intensive. Without adequate stretching and hydration, you’re far more likely to suffer an injury or get too exhausted. Muscle cramps can also cause you to have an accident, and that can lead to a much more serious injury. Stretch the major muscles, do some arm circles and hydrate properly before you go!
  • Protect Yourself. Almost all winter sports injuries can be reduced with the right protective equipment. Helmets, for example, may not feel chic when you are on the slopes, but they could prevent a brain injury if you should fall and hit your head. Some injuries can be fatal if you’re not protected, so you need to do the right thing.
  • The Right Clothing. Did you know that the right clothing can help you to avoid injury? If you are padded enough, wearing protective shoes and thick gloves, you can avoid having any digits sliced off or damage to your body if you hit the ground. More clothing and thicker socks can make sure that you feel warmer while you are out there in the snow and ice. This is super handy if you do get knocked down and you’re stranded for a while.

Winter sports are supposed to be fun. They can get better when you play them uninjured!

Written by Sami Jarjour

The Co-Founder of Sports ON Tap & Host of "Stuff That Matters w/ Sami Jarjour" Podcast & Co-Host of "Pod That: Two Brothers Talkin' Sports"

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