nick saban won't go to alabama

Today In Sports History December 21st: Nick Saban Says He Won’t Go To Alabama

Today in sports history December 21st, 2006. At the time Miami Dolphins head coach Nick Saban went on a rant to the media claiming he would not be the head coach at the University of Alabama. Saban had already been a head coach at the SEC at LSU helping lead the Tigers to a National Title. Just 14 days later on January 3rd, Nick Saban became the head coach at Alabama.

In a way this could not be more ironic. But, really what I wanted to mention was this is part one of the biggest “what ifs” in sports history. Let’s begin with Drew Brees. Brees signed with the Miami Dolphins to be the QB then he failed his physical. He went to New Orleans (you know the rest). The Dolphins settled for Daunte Culpepper. Saban left Miami (leaving Belichick with no real rival in the AFC East). Miami never really got good, and Alabama became a dynasty. One of the biggest
“what ifs” in NFL history.